Some recent Martin family news… you may have noticed that Mitchell is wearing glasses! I’ve talked about his expressive speech delay, and our efforts to get him on track. Our ultimate goal is to have him on grade level by the time he starts school, and Pre-K starts in exactly 12 months! Speech delays are linked with difficulty hearing, and sure enough, his ears were in desperate need of tubes because they could not drain any fluid. This was drastically affecting his ability to hear! After this surgery, we saw great improvement, but poor vision is also linked to speech delays. 

We didn’t particularly suspect any vision problems, but looking back there may have been some clues we missed. Tricare covers a routine eye exam for children every two years (without a referral) once they turn three. So a few weeks after his third birthday, we found a local pediatric opthometrist, who was highly recommended by one of his therapists. They dilated his eyes and did some testing… turned out he is pretty darn farsighted and also has an astigmatism. I naively asked whether the need for glasses was borderline, knowing the pain it would be to have a three year old in glasses, and she told me no. We’d be doing him a disservice if we didn’t put him in glasses, and even better, he has to wear them 24/7. Even though it’s his close up vision, right now he’s too young to figure out when he needs them and when he doesn’t. There’s a possibility he won’t need them all the time someday, but he does for the foreseeable future. They said this should help with his extremely short attention span (I thought that was all three year olds?!). But it already has – he has a new found love for building blocks, and he’s been doing puzzles every single day when we pick him up from school… things he was less likely to try before. Apparently because he couldn’t see them! They also said this could improve behavior, but other than being a typical three year old, he’s pretty darn good… so we haven’t seen much change in this area yet. Time will tell, maybe he’ll decide to stop taking 30 minutes to pick out the perfect pair of footie pajamas every night before bed – a mom can dream 😉  

While the eye doctor was great, they didn’t have much in the way of kids glasses. So we found a place by recommendation of a friend that had some back to school specials going and an unlimited warranty on broken frames. We picked out two pairs – these adorable blue Nike’s and a more subtle black pair. 

He’s been doing a decent job of wearing them so far.  I stumbled upon a two pack of head straps/modified ear piece when I was searching on Amazon. It was by sheer luck that they came in a pack of blue and black, matched both sets of glasses perfectly, and were the perfect size. They couldn’t have made this little set to match our needs better, and the head strap is just enough to deter him from taking the glasses off. Oh, and they were only $8. 

So there’s a quick Sunday morning update if you were wondering why Mitchell is suddenly wearing glasses. I asked if we need to get Julia in for an eye appointment earlier than three now, but the answer was no. Age three is the time without any major concerns for an eye check. It’s hard to believe we’re already closing in on her second birthday. While I sincerely hope she has her Daddy’s perfect 20/20 vision, I will find her the cutest little pair of pink glasses if she needs them too! 

We’re just relaxing on this sunny Sunday. Getting ready for the busy week. Maybe taking a trip to the pool, since the kids had such a blast there yesterday evening. But first thing’s first, taking bets on whether Julia will wake up before lunch time because this girl LOVES her beauty sleep. Ha! 

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