Julia’s Big Girl Room

There are a few more projects I’d like to do in Julia’s room, but here we are for now. It’s good enough for the blog though, because all my projects are sitting on the shelf in the storage closet and I don’t have very much motivation in me lately. Why can’t I drink enough coffee?! I can’t get enough naps! 

First thing was first. Julia’s nursery was pretty dark. All of the furniture was dark brown, and I hadn’t been feeling it for several years. My biggest reservation was that this bed was my grandparents’. It was the bed I slept in every time I visited them, and I remember it being so tall, my grandmother boosting me up before I slept under one of her ironed sheets and handmade quilts. I have wanted this bed forever, and when they downsized several years ago from their big house, I asked if we could have it. It was a dark wood, which needed a good refinishing anyway, so after five years of wanting to paint it, I finally did. No regrets – I love it! I found this bargain dresser on a selling page in our neighborhood. It didn’t have any handles, but I loved the detail in the bottom of it, thus making it the perfect “project dresser” for the right price. This was one of my deployment projects. A few late nights with a paint brush and it was done! I used Ann Sloane Chalk Paint, and if you haven’t heard of it recently, you’re living under a rock. There is a shop down in Wilmington run by a sweet lady (former military spouse!) who chatted with me all afternoon about this project before I made it happen. She was so sweet, and if you’re at Camp Lejeune and in the market for chalk paint, she’s totally worth the drive down there to give her your business!
I’d been pinning all sorts of gallery walls since Julia was born, so I had zero other ideas when it came time to taking up this big space. Or making that awfully awkward window look a little more normal. I love light, but why even put it there?! I know a few other people with the same floorplan in our neighborhood and if you even have a mild form of anal retentiveness, it drives. you. nuts. It’s made me second guess my furniture placement every single time I walk in that room! With the help of my mother-in-law’s antiquing finds, I filled in a few pieces from Hobby Lobby every time I had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. Oh, and Target. My weakness. 

The kids’ last few birthdays, I’ve asked people to bring books instead of gifts. It feels like our house is exploding with toys anyway, and you just can’t go wrong with books. These are some of our very favorites. We love the princess book from our friend Tiffany and the first nursery rhymes from Vanessa! ❤

I couldn’t get Julia out of her crib fast enough (imagine cramming a full-sized crib in here too), but we were waiting for her to be ready for the big girl bed. Eighteen months seems to be the age that the kids were ready to make the jump to the big bed and never look back. Mitchell didn’t have much of a choice – Julia was here and he was getting evicted. Julia, however, was climbing in and out of the bed just fine with a chair (our monkey girl!), so I ordered up these bed rails. They aren’t the prettiest things in the world. But they were relatively cheap, easy to set up, and effective. They’re easy to slide under the mattress when this morphs into our guest room (which happens A LOT!). 


Last week when my brother was visiting, I was telling him how I really wanted a dollhouse for Julia to play with. I honestly didn’t even realize what I was saying when I was running this by him, but he’s framing houses for a second job (while his college is out for the summer). If he could frame a real house, he could surely frame a dollhouse! I showed him a few pictures of what I had in mind, and he had this thing whipped up for Julia before I was home from work that day! (Mind you, he was also taking care of puking Mitchell. On their summer beach vacation. My brother and his girlfriend are awesome people). I want to fill it up with the Fisher Price Little People… just haven’t made a Toys-R-Us date yet! I did find a few used ones in the neighborhood, so for now we have the pink singing car with a baby and no driver, a few firefighters, a farmer, and half a nativity scene. Baby Jesus quite literally took the wheel this afternoon during our post-nap playtime 😉 

Those green frames in this picture got a quick coat of chalk paint and stuck around in her big girl room. They’ve been around since Mitchell’s nursery, and the storybook pages are so sweet, I just can’t quite take them down yet! 


We’re still baby gating the door. Our kids are really good about getting out of their bed and playing lazily for awhile until they’re ready to come downstairs. All furniture is strapped to the wall and everything is totally kid-proofed for both of them, so I’ve tried to create a fun little place for them to play that is their own! 

Another sentimental piece… this sweet print was from Steve’s grandmother, and given to him when he was a boy. My mother-in-law was great about keeping sweet little treasures to pass on to our kids, and this one has found a spot in the kids room since they were born! 

Double baby gates is the key to sanity. Seriously. 

In the interest of full disclosure, Julia’s room is the catch-all for all things baby. Baby swing, bouncer, Pack&Plays, jumper, Bumbo, our tub of swim diapers, extra clothes, and so on. They all end up shoved in her closet. We’re hanging onto those things with the hope we’ll be blessed with the baby stage again someday. Those days feel so long ago. They’re so sweet, but so fast! She is a full blown toddler in a big girl bed now!!! 

A quick minute on Julia’s transition to the big girl bed. This transition was seamless. I was a little nervous, and even more nervous when I realized we gave away the crib before she even spent a night in the bed as a trial run. But I was determined to make this transition, and thankfully she had no issues! It took one nap to encourage me we could do it! Y’all, let’s talk about Julia’s sleep schedule for a minute. We are blessed with some sleepers, and I give credit to those momma’s who are up with their little ones all hours of the night. I know I could do it, but I’d be a much more tired, cranky person. So, kudos. Julia routinely goes to bed at 6:30pm. With Mitchell, it was 7:30, but she seems to be ready at this time, and we’ve always gone off of their cue (i.e. crankiness) when setting bedtimes. 6:30pm is what works for her. The crazy part is, SHE WILL SLEEP UNTIL NOON! She did this morning! I don’t know how she does it, but boy am I grateful. Sometimes I find myself missing her cause she’s sleeping so much! She has a habit of waking up around eight and playing for awhile, and then going back for a nap. Or something she sleeps through her morning play and just goes into Julia hibernation mode. I’d like to think it’s because she has this nice comfy bed to sprawl across. You better believe I’ve taken a few naps in here!

And the sweetest little look I get when she’s ready for Mommy to come to the rescue ❤ She's the best. 


She loves reading, as long as she can turn the pages. She hasn’t learned the word yes, so the answer to every question is no. She’s showing all signs of being ready to potty train (like sitting on the potty and actually going before bath time, and telling us when she needs to go), but we’re all kinds of not ready for that. She climbs any and everything and has every expectation that you will rescue her from whatever situation she manages to get herself in. And that hair – need I say more?


And in case you’re wondering the before, here it is. It was actually the very first room in our new house to be totally done! But only because it was a total hand-me-down nursery for Julia, everything straight from Mitchell’s Noah’s Ark nursery. This room was officially set up in three different houses – Camp Lejeune, Eglin Air Force Base, and back to Camp Lejeune! I love these pictures to remember all the places we’ve been and what all of our homes have looked at, because with all this moving, the kids will surely never remember it! 

6 thoughts on “Julia’s Big Girl Room

  1. Oh, I LOOOOOVE her room! Super cute and bright. You have so much natural light in there – I'm so jealous! Annabelle's room sits at the front of our house where we have a big tree, and she only has one window, so we don't get much light in there, which bums me out because I can never get great photos of here playing in her own room.

    Question: is Julia a wild baby? I ask because Annabelle will be 12 months in a few weeks, and while she is nowhere near ready for a big girl bed (at least we don't think), she is trying to climb out of her crib already… so we know the transition will probably be coming sooner than later. However, we KNOW she would jump right out of a tall bed like that!! Has Julia ever tried, or is she just content in the bed? I LOVE the look of your bed, but I'm afraid we're going to have to do a floor bed or a super low one at the very least because our kid is just so wild and crazy and will hurt herself :-/


  2. Hi Janelle!! Thank you so much! I love the light in this room, but it feels like all of it is upstairs in this house! I am all about the pictures and I'm pretty sure I took these about ISO 1600-2000 to make them look bright! Julia is a wild child, but she never tried to escape the crib and she's a super long sleeper. I don't think I would have actually picked the bed for her if we didn't already have it, but we've made it work!! She uses that green chair to get in and out and she's pretty darn good at it, so we felt comfortable leaving her! But the rails are super sturdy so she definitely isn't going to roll out! From my experience with both of them, they'll adapt… it just might take time. Mitchell started with his mattress on the floor and once he learned how to sleep in it after a few weeks, we put it on the bed with rails and he was a pro too! Good luck! Hope this helps! Can't wait to read about how it goes! 🙂



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