North Topsail

Weekends always come and go too quickly for my taste. Two weekends ago we still had Grandma Brim in town. It was one of our only healthy days with her (everyone got sick!), so we took full advantage and headed down to her little hideout on Topsail Island during low tide. Low tide because there are endless tide pools for the kids to splash in, which all feel like hot tubs from baking in the sun all afternoon! We are always sad to see Grandma Brim go, but grateful for this special day we had at our own little beach. 

Daddy is lots of fun to crawl on! 

Julia made a trip down to the ocean, but decided the tide pools were better suited for her 😉 We are so spoiled with warm water down here! My New England friends would laugh at our definition of cold!

Steve and I even snuck in the water for a swim. I was still wearing my swimsuit from swim lessons, and it was mid-Olympics when Katie Ledecky was winning every medal in sight. He told me I looked like an Olympic swimmer and had me laughing for a good minute. If only!

All-in-all, it was a successful day. We’ll still have some time to squeeze in a few more beach days, but fall is coming ever so fast and we’re soaking up all the sun we can get. 

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