Weekend(s) Roundup

This is a whole lot of the last few weekends because I’m a little behind. We kick of Saturdays with swim lessons. Mitchell does his lesson, Steve works out at the gym or swims laps, and Julia and I swim together. This girl is fearless and happy to leap in the pool, and last week, totally by herself and go completely underwater. 

Goodness, this makes me excited for teams and sports and all the fun to come with Mitchell. Right now, we’re celebrating the fact that he (knock on wood) hasn’t thrown a tantrum when it’s time to get in the pool for a whole month! His willingness has greatly improved, and he’s catching onto a few skills! If he actually listened to his teachers and followed directions, his learning curve might be a little higher, but we’re counting our victories as they come. 😉 

What do we do when we get home from swim lessons? Go to the pool, naturally. We’ve been total pool rats this summer, but we’re trying to squeeze in all the time we can at our neighborhood pool before it closes next weekend! We love walking there from our house and loading down the stroller with towels and toys galore. 

The key to avoiding meltdowns during adult swim at the pool is having snacks on hand and ready to go. Uncrustables are the best pool snacks I’ve found, because they thaw as we swim and are ready to eat! 

Post pool snacks. 

While my mom was here, she babysat and we snuck out on a no-kids date. It’s been way too long since we got out, and we almost bailed and sat on the couch because we were tired. But once we were out we were glad we caught a late dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse and picked up a Redbox movie. Per usual, I fell asleep on Steve on the couch and he watched the movie. He’s the best. 

My little brother and his sweet girlfriend came to visit. They babysat, and the kids absolutely adore them. Colby made Julia a pink dollhouse for her room. He bought the supplies, rummaged through the tools in the garage, and had the thing whipped up in just a few hours. 

Here it is. Tell me that isn’t darling. Now to collecting Little People to fill it up! 

Mitchell loves napping on his couch, and with all the sickness running through the house, we’ve been doing a lot of napping on the couch – mommy included. 

We get the prettiest sunsets in our backyard, and I love playing outside at this time of day. In part because it’s the only time of day that is cool enough to stand being outside. This was the day I forgot to bring Julia an extra t-shirt to daycare, and she ended up in Mitchell’s oversized baseball tee. At least her bow still matched. 

Mitchell loves watching the “helicockers” on the horizon, and living in a military town, there are A LOT at all hours of the day and night!

A snap from Grandma Martin’s visit. We didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with her since she spent most of her trip sick (we warned her before she came but she insisted on risking it anyway and paid the price!), but there were a few sweet moments while she was here. 

On Saturdays you can find us at swim lessons.

Mitchell’s preschool bestie has been coming to swim with him after lessons the last few weeks. Mitchell gets SO excited to see him everyday – and talks about him as soon as he comes home from school! It’s his first friend that I’ve noticed he’s picked out for himself and it’s so darn cute. 

I love coming upstairs to find giggling and smiles like these. Seeing them play together and have fun is the best! 

Evening milks together in the driveway. 

Another pool day, and with the tropical storm headed our way as we type, it looks like it might be the very last one. 

Super quick, I know, but at least I got these pictures posted before they get lost in the depths of the folders on my computer. Things are crazy right now, but all good crazy! Thank goodness for this four day weekend. Happy Friday! 

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