Back 2 School

Guess who’s back in school! I bet you clicked on this post thinking it would be another chalkboard picture of a first day of whatever grade. We won’t start those until next year for Mitchell and I’ll spare you the chalkboard picture of Steve and I holding up a first day of 19th grade picture. (Yikes, has it been that many years in school?!) Let’s  talk about the hubby first.  He’s currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in European History, with a tentative graduation date in the next few years. But who knows when you throw in deployments and training and the madness of the military. What we do know is that we have some big goals for the future, and this is a big step towards making our dreams a reality! College while being active duty military isn’t the easiest of feats. The deployments don’t slow down, the training is never ending, his long days keeping coming, and just add in full-time online classes to the madness. I give him some serious credit. He’s about a third of the way done, and he’s currently holding a 4.0 GPA! 

I was up next. This semester I jumped into both the student and educator sides of the spectrum. First, I enrolled myself into a graduate Christian ministry program. I’d been toying with the idea of signing up for a program of this nature for sometime now, particularly when I started a women’s bible study in my neighborhood about a year ago. I knew I wanted to formally study Christian ministry for about a year, so after some thoughtful prayer and seminary searching and careful consideration, I settled on a program and applied! I know this degree is going to be the most rewarding of all of my education thus far, since it is something that is totally unrelated to my career field and is 100% for me. I also  knew the time was ticking for the MyCAA grant (federal funding for lower rank military spouses), and I (God willing) realistically have 1-2 years to use it before Steve’s career progresses and I no longer qualify. That realization was exactly the kick in the rear I needed to get started on this dream of mine. 

Totally unrelated and completely unplanned, I was approached by a department head to start a teaching career at our local college. I had the checks in the box on my resume, it was related to my career field, and it fell completely into my lap. It sounds crazy, but this one took some careful consideration. How was I going to jump into teaching at the college level when the most advanced thing I’ve taught is Sunday School to preschoolers? I exaggerate, but not by much. Even better question, do I really have time to commit to another job? After some discussion with the husband, the deciding factor for me to accept this position is our long-term goals. That’s a story for another post, but our eventual goals are to become teachers/coaches/faculty families at a boarding school like the one we graduated from and were married at! Holderness School changed our lives for the much better, and we dream about the day we are in the position to give back! So when this opportunity presented itself, after that careful thought, I excitedly jumped at it and threw myself in headfirst! So while I am learning in my Christian ministry program, I’m also tuning my teaching abilities and learning alongside my students. 

There’s something about being a lifetime learner that has both of us captivated. I swore after I finished my master’s degree I was totally done with school, but here I am… a student once again. I am so incredibly proud of my husband for pursuing his bachelor’s degree on top of his already successful career and rockstar parenting and 100 other amazing qualities I could talk about in excessive detail. I’m even more proud of his plans to jump right into a master’s program when he graduates. And he’s using active duty scholarships to pay 100% of his tuition through his graduate program, freeing up his GI Bill for one of the kids to use. The whole military education system is confusing. Let’s be real, the whole military is confusing. But I am incredibly proud of the hubby for working so hard to earn all of these opportunities for our family, and then working so hard to capitalize on all of the opportunities! You can regularly find us on the couch passing the laptop back and forth checking on our discussion boards and studying up on our assignments. It’s not easy to balance everything now, but we’re working toward our dreams, and we know one day it will pay off. And for now, at least we’ll be a little smarter each day. 😉 

2 thoughts on “Back 2 School

  1. I'm starting a MyCAA course this fall to hopefully earn a certification in Human Resources, and plan to take more MyCAA courses until my husband picks up E-6 or until I'm able to use the GI Bill, whichever comes first. My husband wants to pay for his degree with active duty scholarships so I can use his GI Bill for a second Bachelor's degree for me.


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