Pajamas and a Tutu

Sweet little Julia. Where do I start? It’s been awhile since our little tutu princess had her own update on the blog (Mitchell is needing one too), so she’s what this post is all about. I grabbed a couple tutus from Walmart’s sale rack one day last year, and they are her favorite accessory. I took these pictures on a day both kids got hit with a stomach bug (again), and we were trapped inside all weekend in our pajamas. When I put Julia’s tutu over her jammies, she exclaimed, “tutu, tutu, tutu, Mommy!” and spun herself in circles. When you’re this cute, you can wear a tutu with anything. That first picture makes me want to sign her up for ballet right this second. We snuck outside for a few minutes of sunshine and I couldn’t not take these pictures.

The other day I had a conversation with Julia’s teacher (I love her teachers). She brought up how Julia is closer to the toddler room than the infant room these days. Since all of the kids in her classroom are between one and two, she’s on the older end of the spectrum now. It’s amazing how different they can be at this age in just a few months. It’s becoming pretty obvious developmentally, which is so fun to see! And that we’ll be talking about transitioning her into the next age up so very soon. Mind blowing.

Julia really has made amazing strides developmentally. I think I notice it most in her speech, and how much she verbalizes. You can get me talking about speech development, and I’ll talk about it all day. I’ve certainly learned a lot with Mitchell’s speech journey, which has put things in some serious perspective. I’m about to go down the slippery slope of comparison, but all parents do it. I am so proud of where both kids are right now, don’t read this wrong. But I’m pretty realistic when it comes to how far we’ve come. Mitchell still didn’t call me “mama” until he was five months older than Julia is right now. I can’t imagine Julia calling me by name now, let alone for another half of a year. So it’s incredible to think about how she is saying “tank-uuu” (thank you) unprompted, “peas,” (please), out, up, “nigh nigh,” shoes, mommy, daddy, pop pop, “luh-uuu” (love you), and on and on. I do notice some of her peers of the same age starting to talk in sentences (I want more, where did you go, good night Mommy, ABC’s, etc.) and she’s not there yet, but we know it will come. I remember when Mitchell wasn’t talking people would tell me that if we just waited he would pick it up all of the sudden (my Mommy instincts knew this wasn’t the case and I was right), but I’m confident this is the case with Julia and she’s going to start spurting out the sentences like nobody’s business before long. But don’t get me wrong, overall Julia is right where she needs to be and learning every day. And she’s the master of animal sounds. You’d be amazed at her elephant impression, ha!

One of my favorite things is watching the relationship between her and Mitchell flourish. I know I’m biased, but I’m pretty sure it’s beyond the typical brother-sister I have to love you because we’re siblings thing. I think what they have is pretty special. Their playgrounds at their school share a fence, and both of their teachers tell me when they have a shared recess time, they stand at the fence together having little mid-day chats that only the two of them know about. Julia runs to the fence and yells, “Bobo!” (Our nickname for Mitchell)… And Mitchell shouts, “Sissy!” They stand at the fence, sometimes hold hands through the fence, and chat away. I would love, love, love to see this but I haven’t yet. I did see this morning when I dropped Mitchell off outside that he was standing at the fence looking into Julia’s room and she waved to him through the window on her classroom door and he waved back. Y’all, that’s enough to satisfy my Mommy heart forever. They truly love each other. When we leave Julia, Mitchell tells me he misses her and I just melt.

I could go on and on about Julia right now. She’s becoming a little girl and it’s so much fun. Her hair is finally long enough to (almost) get it into full pigtails and ponies, which is a lot of fun since she went through an awkward mullet stage there for awhile. She insists on putting her bow in her hair once it’s up. We simply cannot just leave it down because it goes in EVERY direction. The trick to doing her hair and getting her to sit still is to give her a toothbrush. She loves a good teethbrushing. Julia is holding steady with a 6:30 pm bedtime (on her terms) and is happy and relieved to crash early. I wish I could say the same about myself some days. It makes for an easy night, because things are usually pretty hectic when she’s awake. There’s a Hurricane Julia on it’s way to the east coast right now and I could see this becoming a nickname for her because it’s a pretty accurate description of waking hours with Julia! She loves coloring or drawing outside with chalk. She loves to eat and apparently finished two whole Salisbury steaks last week during school lunch when her classmates didn’t even finish one. That’s my girl. No idea on her stats since we snuck in her quick 18 month appointment during Mitchell’s three year well appointment and our awesome pediatrician gave her a quick once over and declared her good until she’s two! I don’t remember the numbers to be honest, but I do remember the height and weight were both in the 100th percentile, ha! Julia is our healthy girl, and in the wake of all our stomach bugs and Mitchell’s chronic ear infections, she came down with absolutely nothing. We had four of five people with a positive strep test last month (my mom was visiting) and Julia is the only one that escaped strep. How she didn’t get it, I’ll never know because she was stealing sippy cups from Mitchell per usual and kissing up on me nonstop. We’ll chalk it up to her crazy good immune system (knock on healthy wood). Julia is still drinking a bottle of 2% milk at bedtime and goes down with a pacifier, which I hope to wean her off soon, but it relaxes her and makes bedtime so easy – my main reason for putting it off so far. Julia constantly keeps us on our toes and our family would not be the same without her!

I could go on and on about this blue eyed, red headed girl that has completely stolen our hearts, but that’s enough for now. I can’t believe she’ll be two in a few short (hopefully not too short) months. Lots of love from our indiscriminate hugger and slobbery kisser!

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