When Pop-Pop Comes to Town

The kids are currently downstairs in the playroom giggling away together, I have Monday off to make this weekend last a little bit longer, and we don’t have anything on the schedule until speech at 2:30! So here I am, editing a few pictures from a family session I snuck in last night and recapping our week with Pop-Pop. This past week we had my dad in town for a visit! We’re going to be seeing a lot of him this fall, yay! With family halfway across the country, it’s hard to travel to see them… so we love when they come to see us! Mitchell and Julia were beside themselves with excitement when we pulled up to the airport. They get excited to hear his voice over the speakerphone in the car, so the real deal Pop-Pop is mind blowing. He gets interrogated three year old style every single time we drive him to the house. Pop-Pop go beach? (My parents have a little place on the beach they usually stay). Pop-Pop play airplanes? Pop-Pop hungry? Pop-Pop, Pop-Pop, Pop-Pop? You get the idea. I can hardly get a word in! Completely and totally unplanned, my dad’s trip fell a the week that Steve was gone for work and I was working late nights… aka we needed babysitters and we needed them a lot. Side note – we filled the very big shoes of our sitters who moved away last month and we love our replacement. But it’s always way more fun (and cheaper) when family is here to watch the kids. Plus, I love knowing they’re at home spending time with grandparents or Uncle Colby or whoever, because they just love having family around! So Pop-Pop was thrown to the wolves, because he was sent to do daycare pickup, park, dinner, bath, and bedtime for two whole nights. He rocked it! What I wouldn’t give to have family around all the time to help like that, but it’s much appreciated when they are. Grandpa made Julia feel like the biggest princess in the world and Mitchell just thinks he’s the coolest guy around. Stomp rockets have a way of making someone feel way cooler than they are 😉

Our sidewalk was covered in chalk when I got home and it put the biggest smile on my face! Mitchell said, “Pop-Pop draw Chitchell – chalk!” Those words just keep coming! 

Whenever my dad heads to North Carolina, he’s always got his scuba diving gear in his luggage and tries to make at least one trip off shore to dive. A lot of people don’t know that there are all kinds of ships sunk off of the coast of North Carolina, which make a reef perfect for diving. I love watching his GoPro videos when he gets back to the house and seeing all the sea life he saw! He is counting down the years until he can get Mitchell in his first scuba diving class. Pop-Pop’s got his fingers crossed that Mitchell will be his dive buddy in about ten years. 

Because scuba diving wasn’t enough, my dad signed up to run the Marine Corps Half Marathon over the weekend! I ran my first one with him last year, but opted out this year because I didn’t train, at all. I didn’t really train last year either, but I guess I was a year younger and a year dumber. I’m sure I’ll be up for it next year, but this year we hopped on our bikes and followed him around the course. 

With this big ol’ sign to cheer him on!

The first time we saw him was about Mile 5, and then we bicycled ahead and set up with our sign for about every mile after that. I actually got stuck at work until 4:30 am the morning of the run, so I called my dad about 5:30 to make sure he was headed to the race site okay, but he was 100% not expecting us to come. The sign was also a surprise, so it was so fun to see his excited face when he noticed Mitchell on the side of the road with the sign. He told us when he first saw the sign he thought it was cute and such a coincidence that someone else’s Pop-Pop was running and has the same name, and then he realized it was his grandkids, ha! 

We brought Pop-Pop some Gatorade for along the way, but then Mitchell decided he wanted to drink it all. He said, “Mmmm, what’s that Mommy?!” Our poor little guy only really knows milk and water, and the occasional lemonade when he gets a few sips of “Mommy drink” when we’re out and about. 

And just like that, he finished his third half marathon of the year. Mitchell was super proud of him, and thrilled to see him at the finish line. And then just as thrilled to hop back in the bike trailer for a nap on the way home!

The big boys (aka husband and dad) snuck off to a celebratory visit to the gun show, and then we all met up post-swim lessons for a celebratory lunch at Carolina Ale House! And back down to the beach dad went to spend his last night. He opted for a morning beach walk instead of a run to the pier (rightfully so) and spent the day relaxing with the beach breeze blowing through the condo. We headed down the next afternoon to pick him up and give him a ride for the airport, but not without stopping at the diner for a couple hotdogs and milkshakes first. You’d think I’d learn my lesson eating out during nap time, but after what seemed like a five hour crabby Mitchell (it was actually just one), he finally succumbed to the glorious car nap and I drove in peace. 

So there you have it. I’m a little sad that I worked so much while he was here and I didn’t get to spend too much time with him, but we were grateful for the time we did have and the kids certainly spent enough time with him for everyone! Steve was also a little sad he was visiting on a week he was gone. But we’re actually headed to Kansas on somewhat of a last minute trip here in a few short weeks, so we have that to look forward to very shortly! Now back to my regularly programmed three day weekend! Woohoo!

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