Fall Bucket List

October snuck up on us this year. We blinked the neighborhood pool was closed, and all of the sudden it’s 80 degrees and we are pulling out the hoodies! Here’s my list of must-do’s this fall.
Pumpkin Patch
Dinner at Mike’s Farm
Fall Family Pictures
Camp Lejeune High School Football Game
Kansas City Renaissance Festival
Fall DC Trip
Family Bike Rides
Long Weekend in the Mountains
Homemade Pumpkin Pie
Fire Pit
New Hampshire Thanksgiving with ALL the Grandparents (coming soon!)
Last year we made the trip out to Mike’s Farm with my mom, since Steve was deployed. It was so much fun to be able to do it as a family this year (sorry Mom, we miss you too!). After a few days of rain, we threw on our boots anticipating some mud. Julia went for the biggest pumpkin there. Side note – families with little kids and/or a budget and/or both (us!). We take the fun hayride to the pumpkin patch and pick out one conservative sized pumpkin each year. So much more practical avoid juggling 50+ pounds of pumpkin all the way back to the car, and we grab a couple $4.99 big ones at Home Depot on our errand run instead of paying for overpriced pumpkins! My advice!
I’ve gotten so many comments on social media and in person about this picture of Julia’s hair! The more I look at it, the more it cracks me up. But seriously, this is what we’re dealing with in the hair department. This is why it’s either in a pony or piggies 95% of the time. She isn’t the best about keeping a headband on (and I’m not going to make the daycare ladies fuss with it all day), and it’s a mane without a headband to keep it in place. Yes, she has a headband in this picture. I love her wild and crazy hair – it is a perfect fit for her personality. And I love that they are both little redheads like their daddy. But holy cow, you should see that head of hair in the morning after a full night’s sleep. This is tame, believe it or not.
I just love the chance to be this little girl’s momma. And to think I had my fingers crossed she was a boy! That can be our little secret, because I can’t imagine her any other way! Long ago are the days of sweet little baby Julia. Her huge personality lights up our lives all day long, right until 6:30 pm because she’s very insistent about that bedtime. All that sass takes a full night’s sleep!

The look you get when you realize Mommy and Daddy were right when they told you that pumpkins aren’t yummy.

And so we made our way back to the tractor after picking out our perfect little pumpkin.

Which Julia was extremely possessive of. She didn’t care if Mitchell picked it. It was hers. It matched her crazy orange hair, ha!

And so we made our way back to the restaurant and finished waiting on the table. It was perfect timing, because the pumpkin patch burned up nearly all of our two hour wait. This place is popular, y’all. If you’re local and you’re thinking about going for the first time, look at the time they open and plan to go then. Or plan to wait. But I’ll be the first one to tell you that the mac&cheese is more than worth it. We always leave full and happy and it’s my favorite family friendly place to eat around here!

We didn’t really plan getting our fall family pictures and the pumpkin patch/Mike’s Farm trip knocked out on the very first weekend of October, but boy, am I glad we did. These are my two musts for the season, so hurray for crossing them off already! Sudden changes in the hubby’s schedule and a full plate for me this fall have us scratching our heads on how we’re going to manage everything coming up. But I’m sure it will work itself out, as always. Up next on the calendar – a whirlwind trip to Kansas to drop the munchkins off with my parents for TWO WEEKS. Two weeks! What am I going to do without these sweet babes for that long?! Meanwhile, I’m pretty excited for a quick weekend in my hometown and for my parents to spend some quality time for the kids. And extremely thankful they’re willing to take them for a few weeks while we have some work commitments. My mom already asked if she can just keep them until Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List

  1. Love the pictures, as always! Julia's hair is beautiful! And the last pic of them sitting in the rocking chairs reminds me of an old couple, lol! Too cute! I made a fall bucket list too, although I'm already behind with all the work I've been doing lately at the hospital. But if YOU can fit it all in, I know we can!


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