Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Last weekend, before our travel craziness, we spent a weekend in Kansas with my parents. Though things didn’t go quite according to plan on my end (thanks to Hurricane Matthew), we all came out on top with a nice fall trip back to hometown, Kansas. It was fall time while we were there, so naturally I wanted to hit up some of the local places that I remember from my childhood. Growing up, we always went to the Renaissance Festival. There are varying degrees of enthusiasm (and costumes), and we tended to be on the lower end. But, I remember how fun it was to get our faces painted, ride the animals, play the games, and eat a giant turkey leg. My mom casually suggested we go while we were visiting, and I knew Mitchell would love it. The knights, swords, and dragons were all up his alley! The only disappointment for the day (aside from running out of turkey legs) was that my brother couldn’t go with us – one of his favorite annual outings. He was off working on a commercial diving trip, and we missed him a bunch.

Mitchell isn’t the most outgoing kid. He’s friendly and happy, but shy around new places or people. So when it came time for the rides and activities, I was so proud of how willing he was to try new things! First thing was first, a horseback ride! He was much more interested in finding dragons, and I had to convince him it was a “dragon horse” to peak his interest. But once he was sure that the horse was somehow half dragon, he hopped right up and off he rode into the sunset. I think his tour guide thought he was about crazy when he tried to convince her the horse was a dragon, but he seemed to enjoy his little lap on the dragon horse. And I was one proud momma.

Side note – we have got to get down to Texas to visit our family, because all their little cousins do is ride horses! They’d have him herding cattle in no time! Check out their little seven year old cousin! She’s the oldest of four girls and I desperately wish we lived closer for all the grandkids to grow up together!

We continued on and found the same booth where my little brother used to get his swords. Mitchell got his very first sword. He proudly picked a red one and stuck it in the back of his shirt. I was amazed he knew to do this, but when I asked him why, he said he was like Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Just a reminder, they’re always watching, and they’re always learning.

On we went, and found the bungee trampolines where they fling you 20 feet into the air. Again, my usually cautious little boy opened up (with some prompting), and had the best time! By the end of it, he was begging to go higher and laughing his little butt off. The only caveat was that he had to wear his Daddy’s hat (which Mommy stole for the weekend). I’ll take it! Go Mitchell!

We wound our way through the park. Mitchell thought about slaying the dragon, but decided he was more content watching other kids do the slaying. 

By this time, we were all ready for a nap… except Julia who slept the whole time and was just waking up. All-in-all, the day was a success and we piled back in the truck to head home.

Another check off of our fall bucket list! More Kansas fun coming soon! I just love my hometown!

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