Campaign Trail

Popping in with a little election update! Mitchell and Julia have been hot on the campaign trail this week helping Grandma Brim! Election season is in full swing, and while we’ve had about enough presidential election talk as we can take, it’s fun to support our favorite hometown candidate, who we know as “mom” and “grandma!” 

For those of you who don’t know, my mom retired in May from 32 years of teaching – most of them in first grade! I don’t know about y’all, but I think I would have pulled out about half of that head of blonde hair if I were her; luckily, she has a way of making a room of 22 six year olds shockingly calm. The hot button issue this election in Kansas is the state of the education system, and her successful career in education makes her perfectly suited to represent Kansas District 39 in 2017! This summer was filled with the excitement of the primary election, when she beat out the current incumbent and snagged the Republican Party nomination! Boy, was that exciting. We were all so proud of her. She spent a night celebrating with our Kansas family in friends, and then it was back to work in the campaign, with preparation for the general election. 

Julia and Mitchell have been rocking their campaign tees this week and shouting “Vote Grandma!” throughout the house! We are certainly proud of this incredible woman regardless of the outcome, but we have our fingers crossed for her on November 8th! We think a heart for Jesus, a love for children, conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, retired school teacher is just what the Kansas House of Representatives can use. 

We’re so excited that Grandma Brim has snagged the Kansas City Star, Kansans for Life, Game on for Kansas Schools, and Kansas Advancing Women endorsements, among others! 

Grandma Brim has Julia’s vote!

And Mitchell’s too!

A little more helpful and a little less biased in the actual election outcome, she’s captured the votes of decades of parents of former students, because she’s spent her whole life fostering real relationships and teaching children! 

So, if you need a yard sign, let her know and she’d be happy to bring you one. She’s been delivering them with this cutie all week! 

And Mitchell’s learning the value of some good old manual labor! Ha! 

A snap of my mom hanging out with Bob Dole this week! How cool is that?! 

So get out there and vote this election. And Julia says, don’t forget, if you live in Kansas District 39, vote for my grandma for Kansas House of Representatives! 

Political plug over, I promise! Back to regularly scheduled mommy blogging this week with recaps from good old Kansas and our trip back home to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. We sure missed our Marine and we can’t wait to get home to him. Oh, and those two crazy german shepherds too 😉 

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