Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween from our crazy crew! I am admittedly not the best Halloween mom. I didn’t send my kids to school in cute pumpkin shirts. I didn’t plan their costumes for months in advance. Mitchell’s is a hand-me-down from his birthday party and my mom snagged Julia’s at a garage sale for some pocket change before she was even born hoping we’d have a girl. They were certainly cute! But Halloween is so far from my normal mommy ways of over planning and over prepping. Last year we were missing Daddy (we had Grandma Martin as an excellent substitute!), but we were sure glad to have him back to join in the Trick-or-Treating and pull the wagon. We tried on our costumes and ventured for a walk to the park to get some Hallow-Eve pictures, since I’d be rushing home from work on Tuesday for Trick-or-Treating and was worried about missing the daylight hours. I treasure these thrown together self-timer family pictures. Sometimes they turn out to be our best ones!

Sometimes this is the best I can get with two toddlers. But I still think they’re pretty darn cute! And a little story about that stool. It’s been used for just about everything in our house. Pictures, of course. Hand washing for hands that can’t quite reach the sink. Mostly it stays in our closet so I can reach the top shelf where we fold all of our pants. Though recently it was kicked out of our closet because my foot slid off and I somehow got a nasty cut that took weeks to heal up. I just wanted a pair of yoga pants after a long day at work! Other than our most recent mishap, it may be a few pieces of wood, but I love that darn thing and all of its uses! 

For every bit of Mitchell’s shyness, Julia makes up for it being a little diva. 

Our traditional Halloween wagon pictures, of course! Not sure what we’ll do when they’re too big to fit, but it’s a must-get annual picture for now.

This one was too funny not to share. She picked my phone up and answered away. Ha! 

Yes, I will gladly admit I gladly bribed them with Halloween candy for cooperation. 

A bribe is not complete without chocolate on your face 😉 

That wraps up the Hallow-Eve pictures. On Monday, it was time for the real deal. Mitchell needed a little coaxing, and Julia was all about grabbing more than enough candy for the both of them. Ha!

She was pretty proud of that bumblebee costume. It’s definitely finding a spot in her keepsakes box, right next to last year’s pumpkin sewn by my grandmother. 

Julia saw her little flamingo friend! Neither of them had any time for pictures or catching up. Trick-or-Treat-or-Bust. Mondays are for Trick-or-Treating. Tuesdays are for playing together during mommy’s bible study 😉

I cannot say it enough, I LOVE our neighborhood! It’s the perfect place for little ones to grow up! The great buy-or-base-housing debate is essentially non-existent in our house, because we simply can’t imagine leaving our community on base! The women are the best. Kids everywhere. Parks on every street. Summers at the pool. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. Halloween was no exception. Families everywhere!

Julia was fearless, so long as she had her pacifier, pink blankie, and trusty orange pumpkin. She couldn’t let mommy carry any of it, no matter how crazy she looked trying to keep it all in her hands! We were dying at how cute it was!  

We took a pretty big loop around our neighborhood, ending up at the local firemen passing out candy at the clubhouse. Mitchell’s fascination with fire trucks is just below dinosaurs. In other words, he loves him.

So there’s our Halloween 2016 in a nutshell. I really should start thinking about their costumes more than a day in advance. I’ll make up for it at Christmas though, just wait and see!

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