Kansas in October

A little late, but a final recap of our trip home to Kansas, I promise. I wrote about our crazy travels here, but somehow I ended up with a nice little vacation out of the hurricane mess so you won’t find me complaining. I wrote about our trip to the Renaissance Festival here, and the first half of Friday Night Lights here. Because toddlers don’t make it to the second half of late night football games, ha! Most of all, we’re grateful for the opportunity to spend time with these people, because it is far too rare when we all end up in the same place at the same time. 
Our first stop on the way home from the airport was here. Pop Pop snuck out of lunch and met us here for his lunch break. I knew Mitchell would LOVE it, as he’s in a complete dinosaur phase right now. Of course, he did. He had to touch every dinosaur in the place. And of course, he came home with a new pack of dinosaurs from grandma, and the spoiling had begun. 
My parents moved into a new house earlier this year, and we love their new backyard! It has room for the kids and the dogs to run, with a path my dad made down to the creek where there is a little red table perfect for outdoor breakfasts! So, we spent some time exploring the backyard and playing with my parents’ crazy Irish Wolfhound, Murphy. 

Mitchell and I snuck out for a Mommy/Mitchell date to a meet a police officer event at the park. It was catered by a local BBQ place, so not only did we get to play at the park with real police officers and see their lights and sirens, but got a few free hotdogs and cookies too! Mitchell was needing to get out of the house and use up some energy, it was a beautiful night, and I got to see some old friends… so a good night all around. Only thing we were missing was seeing Grandpa Brim in uniform here! But I think he was better off scuba diving in Honduras, if you as me. 😉

We made the trip out to Deanna Rose Homestead, which is a children’s farm with all sorts of outdoor activities for children! Fishing, tractor tricycles, pony rides, goat petting – you name it, they had it. Grandma Brim dropped us off (visiting home with no car has a way of making you feel like you’re back in high school!), and then joined us for the second half of our little adventure after she finished up a campaign event. She spent the afternoon with Bob Dole – pretty cool!

Both children are fascinated with chickens – to the point that I would legitimately consider getting a chicken coop if we had any real land. We eat enough eggs, that’s for sure.

Couldn’t pass up on the old ice cream parlor!

My mom’s campaign for the Kansas House of Representatives is in full swing. I wrote a lot more about that here
The kids spent a lot of time outside. It was our first bout of fall weather for the year, and even though the weather had a hard time making up its mind between freezing fall and still summer, we embraced the opportunity to wear boots and fleece for the first time this season! When Mitchell and Julia weren’t annoying the ten year old neighbors by trying to take all of their toys (see below hula hoop), they were scootering around the driveway waiting for “Pop Pop Jeep!” to come rolling home. Just like they do for “Daddy Jeep!” at home. 🙂

When we weren’t outside, we were cozied up next to the fireplace. I helped my mom with a whole bunch of home decor projects, including a new TV stand! I meant to take a picture of it, because it was a farmhouse/Fixer Upper beauty, but I of course forgot. We even decorated it with an old typewriter and some other farmhouse goodies. My mom has the best farmhouse decor theme, y’all. I want to sneak something in my suitcase every time I visit! 

One of my childhood friends, Rachel, was in town on the same week, as luck would have it! We were both so busy, but we did find a morning for a nice walk around Lake Quivira, complete with Quik Trip donuts and lots of catching up! Again, borrowing our parents cars to visit each other – it cracked us up and took us right back to seventeen trying to hang out!
Grandma Brim took Mitchell and Julia for a train ride solo!

I know a few pictures slipped through the cracks, but I’ve been sitting on this post for awhile. And I just can’t wait any longer to share their Halloween pictures! This visit took up a good chunk of our October, kept us busy while Daddy was gone, and gave us a much-needed dose of hometown. A big thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Brim for being such wonderful hosts and always having open doors!

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