Still Here

Still here! There’s been some radio silence on the blog lately – but for good reason! We’ve been busy beyond busy lately, and with a few wrenches thrown in our plans (like a ruptured ear drum), the treadmill feels like it’s set on 10 MPH and I’m just in the mood for an afternoon stroll. We’ll start with the eardrum and go from there. In the wee early hours of the morning last Thursday, Mitchell woke up complaining of an ear ache. He couldn’t sleep, and that boy can usually sleep like a bear. By 6:30 am, the ear was draining its normal yucky fluid, and we were relieved that the pain seemed to subside. Luckily Daddy was home (Marine Corps Birthday!) to snuggle on the couch all day. By Friday (Veteran’s Day), Mitchell was feeling much better. He never had a fever or any other symptoms besides the ear ache, so we squeezed in an afternoon birthday party in the middle of a crazy (more on that later) day. I don’t know if it was the trampoline or what, but a few hours later he was bleeding from his left ear. By evening and bedtime, he was still bleeding, so we opted for a trip to the ER because the normal ear infection drops from the ENT weren’t doing the trick. They sent us home with a ruptured ear drum and a follow up appointment to his ENT. His ear tubes are supposed to alleviate that pressure so this doesn’t happen, but it was too much for even the tubes to handle this time. Right now, it looks like we’ll just be waiting a few months to find out if it needs to be surgically patched or if it will heal on its own. It’s so frustrating as a parent not being able to do anything for him! And my heart’s a little bit broken that he is going to have to skip a whole bunch of swim lessons this winter. Nearly a week later, the bleeding has subsided and returned to the regular discharge, but it require a good cleaning it out every half hour or so, which has left his ear completely raw, and now bleeding from all the irritation. Kid can’t catch a break! I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details, but couple that with some ongoing serious frustration with his IEP here at the school, and all I want to do cuddle him up and never let him go. 

Which is exactly what we did on Monday night when Steve had overnight duty at work. 

Side note: I think it’s so cute how he squints his eyes when he’s not wearing his glasses. He’s still wearing them too, he just happened to have them off in these few pictures! There was a period of about three days where Julia went without a hair tie or comb. And her hair got WILD. That’s about how frazzled I was feeling by this point, and if you add in the look on Zoe’s face, it about sums it up. 

I promise I’ll be back with updates on everything that’s going on here soon, but for now, I’ll leave you with this. We’re thrilled to see both of our families in New Hampshire for a cozy New England Thanksgiving! The countdown is on! Just waiting to find out if the husband has to squeeze an out of town work trip into the craziness before then, and our last minute surprise that he won’t be returning back with us from Thanksgiving (and will nearly be gone until Christmas) for a work commitment – something we didn’t know about until after flights were booked. Which means no Marine Corps Ball for us this year (so sad!) and a month without Daddy. I’ve given myself the goal of December 15th. Exactly one month to rope all the cattle back in the pen, and then I’m vowing to RELAX and celebrate the holiday with our little family (and extended family!) stress free. So there you have it, I haven’t disappeared forever! Come back after Thanksgiving and I’ll be flooding you with updates! Annnnd it’s off to work I go for the day. C’mon, weekend! 

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