More on our Thanksgiving later (we’re still mid-family-weekend), but I’m taking a few lazy minutes to update this blog on our life lately. In case you missed it, we’re pregnant!!! We’re spending Thanksgiving being thankful for our littlest blessing, coming in March! Under ordinary circumstances, we wouldn’t have waited until we were nearly six months pregnant to make an official announcement, but when we found out all of our parents would be together for Thanksgiving in New Hampshire, it was simply too good not to wait! My parents flew up to New Hampshire on Wednesday, where my in-laws live and graciously offered to host everyone. They spent the day together, and we joined everyone on Thursday afternoon after some early morning travel. 

I originally started my quest on how to tell my parents after we figured out the when. I scoured Etsy for some cute “thankful big brother” and sister equivalent t-shirts. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I knew I’d have to have them made to get exactly what I wanted. One thing I love about military life and base housing is all the amazingly talented wives I’ve met! I have my bible study girls, a nanny, a girl who runs an amazing one-woman cleaning company, a hairdresser, and now a screen printing girl! We took an evening trip to Target and found shirts for everyone, dropped them off at her house, and were completely blown away by what she came up with. So I wrapped up their surprises, along with last week’s ultrasound picture, and packed them up for the big reveal! More on that in the coming Thanksgiving post, but everyone was thrilled (as expected) and my dad keeps telling us “good job,” ha! We have two “Thankful Grandmas” two “Thankful Grandpas,” a couple thankful older siblings, and a mom and dad with high hopes for some more red hair! 

Goodness, we’re thankful for these two kids and filled with complete joy thinking of them as a big brother (again) and a big sister! Julia has more than enough spunk to hold her own as a middle child, which I’ve always said she is destined to be. 

So there it is! We’re pregnant. Oh, and we moved a few weeks ago too. On top of work and Steve’s regular work trips, holiday prep, and so on, it’s no wonder why I’ve been so tired! I’m personally thrilled to have our news out in the open! We can’t wait to share more of our news in the coming weeks, but right now, it’s time for leftovers. 

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