Thanksgiving 2016

It’s a wrap on our New Hampshire Thanksgiving, which left me wanting nothing more than more leftovers and a quick few weeks until Christmas! If you’re just catching up, we traveled up to New Hampshire from Camp Lejeune, where we met our parents! My parents flew up the day prior, and were filling up their time before the grandbaby arrival with a whole lot of cooking and Thanksgiving prep. We were set to arrive with some big news, of Baby Martin Number Three! As you can imagine, I’d been counting down the days to get this 23-week, spaghetti-squash-sized secret out in the open!


Travel wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, but at the end of the day we got there. Despite the gate agent kicking off our morning by telling us we couldn’t gate check our stroller (Has anyone else problem?! I was seriously shocked!), a lady who literally refused to move away from her window seat so we could use our car seat on the plane, thus forcing us to move from Row 8 to Row 36, annnnd the big welcome to Boston from Thrifty Rental Cars who completely overbooked and gave away the car we reserved weeks in advance. The day was eventually saved by the sweet rental car employee (who I’m pretty sure sensed my desperation from three miles away) who upgraded us to a mini-van once she saw Steve wasn’t actually alone and traveling with our own personal circus. Two hours after the reservation later, we couldn’t get out of Boston fast enough. We were New Hampshire bound, after a quick airport bathroom change into their special Thanksgiving outfits in which my oldest child who will remain unnamed literally licked the mirror and I nearly had a heart attack. Steve reassured me that it was probably the cleanest thing in the airport bathroom, and somehow that actually made me feel better.

We unintentionally fasted all day until our late afternoon Thanksgiving dinner (see above – no time to eat in the chaos), so you can imagine how I felt when we saw this, knowing there were four grandparent hugs and hot food waiting on the table for us. Hallelujah! 

And then the nerves set in. Are we really going to tell our parents that we’re pregnant… again?! We knew they’d be thrilled, but it somehow made it all seem a little more real! There’s actually another baby on the way! Those little gift boxes in Steve’s hand, the kids’ coats, and my big baggy jacket were the only things standing between the grandparents and our big-little secret! 

We were greeted by Annie the dog, of course. 

 And then it was the big moment! My mom was actually right behind the camera opening hers at the same time. Somehow I missed snapping a picture of her, but fear not, she did make it in the video!


And so after the shock wore off, we snuck outside for a picture of our big, happy growing family! A little more on the t-shirts in this post, but in those gift boxes were t-shirts that said “Thankful Grandma” and “Thankful Grandpa,” to go along with Mitchell and Julia’s shirts! And the ultrasound picture, of course! It was a lot colder than it looks too, in case you were wondering! We certainly weren’t in North Carolina anymore, so we ran back in to the crackling fire after one quick picture!

 My mother-in-law had the house decorated oh-so-perfectly for the occasion! She had the coziest beds ready for us, complete with cozy moose pajamas for the kids!

My parents spent most of the weekend snuggled up here! 

And so that’s pretty much how the weekend went. The fireplace stayed ablaze, I couldn’t keep track of the meals because the food seemed endless, and all of our favorite people under one cozy roof! Here’s a picture of my in-laws, our host and hard-working hostess for the weekend!

Mitchell and Grandma Brim! It was so funny how he got overwhelmed not knowing what to call which grandparent. We use “Grandma and Pop-Pop” for both sides, which isn’t a big deal until we’re all together. He kept saying “other grandma” and “other pop-pop” when he was trying to get everyone’s attention. And he emphasized the fact that he has TWO grandma’s and pop-pop’s. The kids were so darn spoiled all weekend, and they are in for quite a treat when the find out everyone is coming to North Carolina for Christmas!

My dad took Mitchell on an adventure through the backyard trail. He went on another big adventure to the Christmas tree farm, and between those two outings, he ended up sleeping through the entire dinner party my mother-in-law hosted for her neighbors that night. And he was the guest of honor, ha! Too much pressure for a three year old, I suppose. And outdoor adventures beat dinner parties any day of the week, if you ask him!

And so we wrapped up our third of the last four Thanksgivings pregnant, and the secret is finally out! It was so sweet having this guy home for the holiday, since he’s spent more than his share away for training or deployments. He is working so hard right now, and stretched in 100 different directions. We are so proud of him and all he’s accomplishing! Saturday marked our last day together for awhile, so we soaked up as much of him as we could before our airport goodbye.

Back to the airport we went. Something about flying on Thanksgiving weekend is no fun at all. Don’t let these cute faces fool you! We made it home eventually, after we said our airport goodbye. Those are never fun, but thankfully it’s only until Christmas!

So there you have it. Coming up in on the blog. A pregnancy update (so overdue)!! Mitchell’s New Hampshire Christmas Tree Farm adventures with Pop-Pop and Other Pop-Pop (you decide which is which, we don’t know!). And there’s sure to be an update on our move a few weeks ago, though maybe after I get the curtains hung. And Christmas prep of course! Good golly, we’ve been busy! Wishing you all the relaxation we are hoping to find in the next few weeks!

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