Mitchell’s Christmas Tree

Rounding out our New Hampshire trip with some snaps of Mitchell’s adventure to the Christmas tree farm. Since our adventure here hasn’t extend past the Home Depot section, I was thrilled for Mitchell to get the true tree cutting experience. I only tagged along for the pictures, because this trip was all about the boys! 

They were feeling mighty manly with their Carhartt jackets and saws in hand. 

This was the perfect outing for Mitchell, because it was only a minute down the road and pretty darn quick. Those three year old attention spans aren’t the best for full day adventures. Especially in the New Hampshire cold! We better toughen up if we want to move back north someday! 

And so off they went into the fog to find the perfect tree. Grandma Martin placed two requests. She wanted a taller tree for the front yard, and a tree just tall enough for Mitchell to decorate at the dinner party later that night. We found two trees that fit the bill, and the boys sawed away!

I snuck a few pictures with my little boy while the big boys loaded that tree on the minivan rental. I don’t foresee us ever taking the minivan plunge, but let me tell you, that thing was convenient for the weekend! I see the appeal, minivan moms! 

And back to the house (and fireplace) we went. We really would have loved to take a drive through our boarding school while we were in New Hampshire, but we opted for relaxation and chose not to squeeze it in the trip. I really didn’t leave the house, except for the tree farm or the market. Our slow-paced Thanksgiving weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Y’all, I didn’t even wake up until after 6:45 everyday. Ha! We have our eyes set on a springtime trip (with baby!) up north, but until then, this Thanksgiving certainly filled our New Hampshire fix and only left us wanting to retire here even more! That’s a whole post in and of itself, but we love this place where we fell in love twelve years ago. We’ve got a lot of military living left to do, but some days, thirteen years until a New Hampshire retirement really doesn’t seem that far away! 

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