Finding Out About Baby Three

Baby’s out of the bag, so I’m throwing it back to July today and kicking off the pregnancy posts talking about Baby Martin Number Three. It is my goal to document our subsequent children even more than the first. People tell me, “You won’t have any pictures of your second child.” (1) These people clearly don’t know me. And (2) I want to keep even better track of these little memories because this story is just starting to get good! So, I’m here today to record exactly how we found out about Baby Martin Number Three. It all started with a little neighbor’s birthday party. We still had about two hours to be there and after a full night’s sleep, I needed a nap. Not just wanted, I NEEDED. Like I was stumbling and slurring my words I was so tired and could NOT keep my eyes open. I gave husband exactly zero help unloading the kids from the car after swim lessons, and went straight to bed. My phone alarm went off and I forced myself to get out of bed. Julia and I walked across the street to the birthday party. Anyone I socialized with at the party probably thought something was wrong with me because I could hardly keep my eyes open, even in mid-conversation, after a nap. We ducked out of the party early, blaming it on Julia needing a nap when it was me that desperately needed sleep. Side note: I don’t nap. I could if I had time but I hardly do, and never seem to get tired enough to force myself into bed and stop doing, doing, doing. The thought of pregnancy crossed my mind, but I honestly didn’t think it was possible quite yet. While it was definitely not a surprise, we certainly weren’t expecting those results that quickly. But sure enough, the little test I had popped up with a “Pregnant – 1-2 weeks.” And I stood there in the middle of our bedroom staring at it in disbelief. Here we go again!!!

It took every fiber of my being not to run down the stairs and tell Steve. But I knew my best friend Lindsay was coming into town that night (total coincidence), and I’d already convinced the hubby to do family pictures. So I bit my pregnant tongue for an entire 24 hours before I figured out just how to tell him.

We whipped up a quick chalkboard with a cover story that I wanted to use it as a prop with the word “family.” So, halfway through the pictures, we had Mitchell hold up the sign, which actually had the big surprise on the opposite side. When Mitchell started looking at the words on the other side, Steve caught on pretty quickly. Oh please let me remember this moment forever. His face was priceless! The first words out of his mouth – “Are you serious? Already?!” And since it was in the midst of family pictures, I can’t relive Steve’s reaction forever! 

And the first of many… belly pictures! 

Not sure how I’m going to hold THREE babies, but we’ll figure it out! 

For those of you who are wondering, back date this post about five months. I am certainly no longer that skinny or tan. Ha! We are currently 23 weeks pregnant and counting! Less than four months until baby! Time to start prepping! 

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