The Crazy Move

Since we’ve announced the big news (baby three!!!!!!), now is as good of time as any to share our other news. We moved! We spent some time deciding whether or not the move would actually be worth it. A lot of factors went into the decision. The winning factors being the fourth bedroom and the chance to get away from the dreaded retention pond right in our back yard. Here’s a quick glimpse of our conversations over the last few months. And a really cute picture of the kids standing in front of the porch on Tuesday. We’re almost never out the door in the morning without blankies and waffles in hand.

A quick rundown on the way base housing works. If you have two kids, you get three bedrooms. Once you’re pregnant with a third, they’ll give you a four bedroom if they have them available. We LOVE our neighborhood and do NOT want to move away. But once Steve gets promoted, we’ll no longer be allowed to move into our neighborhood (or into a four bedroom in the neighborhood), since they segregate housing by rank, and our neighborhood caps out at his current rank.  The way housing works here is that you pay 100% of your housing allowance for your base house – which is a complicated way to explain that a fourth bedroom does not affect our rent – it’s free! 😉 Since you have absolutely no say in the location of your house in the neighborhood, our first house location wasn’t our favorite – on the main road, backed up to a retention pond. Odds were we’d like our new spot better, and we definitely do. Another factor… in the next few months, we will find out if we are staying at Camp Lejeune for another year… or for another five years. If it’s another year – we may as well have stayed in our three bedroom and it probably wasn’t worth all the work. But if it’s five years, getting that fourth bedroom will be so totally worth it. So, we made the plunge. The waitlist was 0-2 months, and adding in the redtape/paperwork/lost application, it took us three weeks to get the phone call. Not too bad, considering they lost all of our stuff on the first time around! We left our weekends open for the month, knowing that soon we’d have two sets of keys and be able to move between houses over a long weekend. Lucky for me, I got special permission from our awesome maintenance staff to move the swing set and garden shed to our new house a week early. With Steve off on a trip, I took that sucker down by myself and loaded it up. The kids had a blast running around all weekend outside (literally outside all weekend), mommy&baby got a nice workout, and we used Pop Pop’s truck to haul it over to the new place. We had time to powerwash it before picking up Steve from the airport, and I suddenly got very helpless and sat in my lawn chair and watched him put it back together. Ha! This saved us SO much time and stress on the next weekend!

The move itself went about as smoothly as we could have hoped. Steve and I were able to pick up the keys early while the kids were in daycare and had nearly a full day of moving headstart. We moved most of the stuff and lighter things on the first two days, and then we had the help of some great friends, and between three guys, all the heavy furniture basically appeared in the new house while I put everything away. These three veterans spent their Veteran’s Day weekend moving, and boy was I grateful! On top of that, we have a girl in base housing that runs an awesome one-woman cleaning business. I hired her to do a move-out clean and didn’t lift a finger to clean our old house! And our amazing sitter to take the kids to the park a few times… Normally I try to pinch pennies where we can, but their help was 1000% worth it that weekend and made everything run so smooth! I would highly recommend this little splurge to anyone on the verge of a PCS! I was thankful to have the move done and over with before I got h-u-g-e. It was actually my fantasy to be moved in before Christmas so I could have everything ready and decorated, and have a true guest room. My low expectations of this actually happening were fulfilled! Another fun fact about base housing – the houses are basically the same. Our floorplan is nearly identical, so we packed up a few things at a time and basically put them in the same. exact. place. as the first house. I think when we look back on our military moves at the end of Steve’s career, this will be the easiest move of all time. It took one crazy weekend and another week of hanging decor again, and for the most part, it feels like we’re home. Here are a few quick cell phone snaps from early this morning! I’ll pull out the big camera after I put on all the finishing touches!

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I have about 37 projects on my list of things to do for the house still. The recent start of Fixer Upper’s Season 4 is not helping calm me down any. Or having a husband away for a month (sure way to send me into DIY mode). Or just good old nesting. Here’s a before, during, and almost done of last night’s project. Because I can’t be the only one that thinks the best time to remove shelving and install cabinets is when the hubby goes out of town, right? A chance to use the power tools unsupervised? I’ll take it! Mitchell and I removed the wire shelving that comes standard in the laundry room and replaced it with some white cabinets! We’re not quite done with our project, but we were already up too late last night and both ready to call it quits!

Most of the pictures and decor are back up on the walls, and this move gave me the chance to tweak a few things I’ve had my eye on! Staircase gallery walls are a weakness of mine. I also have a HUGE blank canvas of an upstairs hallway wall that I did not before, and am brainstorming so many ideas of what to do up there!  


Cleaning out the garage was no fun at all. Except these kids were being so darn cute and the hubby was looking extra good using all his power tools and moving heavy stuff around… which left me to stand around and watch them all and contribute about nothing to the cause.

So that wraps up what has consumed our life over the past few weeks, even more than travel and the pregnancy! What we’re most excited with this new house is having that extra room for guests. If we never had friends and family visit us, I would have been totally down to stay put. We l-o-v-e having visitors, don’t get me wrong. I’m always begging people to come visit us, since our friends and family are so far away. Every time we get to host, Julia got relocated to our bathroom/closet area in the pack and play, since it’s the only space with plenty of room for the pack-and-play that we can shut the door. Because this girl can’t sleep with any distractions at all. Our guests always ask where Julia is, and we told them she’s in the closet, and they laugh. But seriously, she’s in the closet. Ha! Add baby into that shuffle and we were wondering how we were going to host guests! So what do you think? Was the move worth it? We’re still not sure, but we are certainly loving it right now. And we’ll know here pretty soon when we find out what our next few years look like! I’ll let you know when you do 😉

2 thoughts on “The Crazy Move

  1. I have been reading your blog for a little while not but have never commented. I just wanted you to know that I think you are SUPERMOM for doing a lot of this while your husband is away doing amazing things. You are wonderful!! Keep it up!


  2. You're so sweet, Kelsey! I promise I'm winging it 98% of the time! 😉 I've gone through the sitting around and wait for him phases, don't get me wrong. But I try my best to make the best of his absences – they've officially become my DIY opportunities! 🙂


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