Pregnancy Weeks 4-22

Clearly I’m not a pro at keeping track of pregnancies. At least I’m somewhat decent about documenting once baby arrives! So here’s what I want to remember of this pregnancy so far. Each pregnancy has been totally unique and memorable – mostly by whatever craziness we have going on in our life at the time! For example, Mitchell’s pregnancy was consumed with working full time, my master’s program, and Steve’s second deployment to Afghanistan. Julia’s was all about living in Florida, getting my photography off the ground, EOD schoolmoving back to North Carolina, moving, and moving some more. This new little baby is full of parenting two toddlers, working, teaching, moving (again!), bible school, bible study, college for the hubby, and some pretty strenuous work training on top of it. We stay busy, and for the most part, that’s the way we like it! I am SO bad at getting the belly progression shots. This is my third attempt and my third fail at taking weekly pictures. But here’s my 20 week post-workout gym shot that I texted to a few friends to show my 20 week belly. I promise I tend to show a little late, and there’s really a little baby in there!

Weeks 3-4 – I recapped how I found out that I was pregnant here. My best friend Lindsay was the first person to know, and she helped me tell the hubby the very next day during a photoshoot! My first symptom was extreme exhaustion, like falling asleep talking to strangers mid-conversation. More on that in this post.

Weeks 5-8 – About five weeks, I made my way to the Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital for the official pregnancy test. They called me that afternoon with exactly the news we were expecting! Baby number three officially baking in the oven! No one knew (except Lindsay)! It was our little secret, and we were still in disbelief. Nausea. With Mitchell, I was nearly nausea free, and certainly never was sick. Julia’s sickness was intermittent in the second and third trimesters. With this baby, it was traditional morning sickness. Like starting at five weeks and finally becoming manageable around 15 weeks. Y’all, that’s a lot of throwing up. Around seven weeks, our entire family caught a stomach bug, and on top of the morning sickness, I was so sick Steve insisted he wake up the kids at 3:00 in the morning and take me to the ER. And me in all of my stubbornness of not going to the doctor totally agreed… because it was that bad. At eight weeks we all (except Julia) came down with strep throat, so some antibiotics for mommy and baby had us feeling better. I had never been so relieved to be back to normal morning sickness. Weeks five to eight were a whole lot of yuck.

Weeks 9-11 – I don’t really remember. See above. Bad at keeping track of pregnancies. 

Week 12 – Our first appointment! Twelve weeks feels like a long time to hear that little heartbeat for the first time. In every pregnancy, I’ve felt the nervousness and anxiety before hearing everything is normal and healthy. And it was! A strong heartbeat around 155, and an ACTIVE baby! I know moms always say this, but I certainly do not remember Mitchell or Julia kicking like crazy on the ultrasound like this. The midwife confirmed it, that this baby is extremely active, which she said could certainly explain the heightened morning sickness. I got a few little ultrasound pictures to bring home to show Steve (he was busy training, per standard military pregnancies, ha!). I left them on the counter for him to find as a little surprise, since I was headed to work that night.

Weeks 13-15 – The first teeny little bump started to make its debut! It was more like an awkward food baby than anything, and since most of my pants hit at a really unflattering spot, it just made it look like I was packing on some pounds in the stomach area. I started pulling out my loose fitting clothes, and Mitchell and I took a trip to Wilmington for some new work clothes to hide the bump for a few more months!

Weeks 16-18 – The kids and I headed to Kansas to visit my parents! By this time, I was over four months pregnant starting to notice the little growing bump. With our master plan to tell our parents when we all got together in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving, I was super nervous my mom would notice my (still little) growing belly! Baggy sweatshirts and yoga pants were my friend. Luckily, if she even noticed at all, she probably thought I was starting on those holiday pounds a bit early and politely didn’t say anything.

Weeks 19-22 – By this point, most of our close friends knew. We had our anatomy ultrasound at 21 weeks. Praise the lord, we have a healthy baby! The heart rate was holding steady at 135. For the first time, I’ve had a regular midwife, and one that I absolutely love! She is on top of her game and super personable. In the past, I’ve bounced between doctors and never found one I loved, but this one is really the best! My fingers are crossed that she’ll be available for the delivery, but time will tell. My fingers are also crossed that my husband will be available, so there’s that too. Ha! Military life keeps you on your toes and appreciating the moments you do have. As far as symptoms go, the belly is growing (still able to hide it in certain clothes though!), no swelling, morning sickness is mostly gone, meatball subs were the most delicious lunch for about a month there, and I’m so tired of keeping this secret from our families! But comforted that our little reveal plan is too perfect to slip up any hints of baby. Also packed in these few weeks was a ruptured ear drum for Mitchell and a stomach virus for Julia, so we’re doing our best to keep healthy before the holidays. At 21 weeks, we moved into a new house to make room for baby, and a weekend of moving had me feeling totally exhausted and ready for a vacation.

Week 23 – We wrapped up a trip to New Hampshire, and finally made the official pregnancy announcement! No more secrets, little baby! I compiled a list of things we’ll need for Baby Number Three! It’s really not a whole lot. Crib & mattress (white!!), new carseat carrier, I’ve got my eye on the Owlet biometric monitor, and a carseat adaptor for the double BOB round out most of the list. Hopefully I’ll be feeling ambitious enough to put together a blog post soon with my wish list for baby number three! We really saved everything from the first two rounds, so besides a few gender neutral outfits I’ve already snagged, we aren’t buying much! We said goodbye to Steve for three weeks (he’ll be home in time for Christmas, though!). We always hate saying our goodbyes, but it does give us some time to get settled in our new house before the holidays and prep for our guests (all the grandparents!). The kicks are so fun to feel throughout the day, and baby is certainly growing if my stomach is any indication! I finally look pregnant and not just like I’m over indulging in the eating portion holiday season, though winter coats still cover up the baby bump a lot of the time. Overall, I’m feeling good – and a lot of the day I find myself forgetting I’m pregnant! (A welcomed change, I might add. See Weeks 5-8). A fun little surprise was my mom finding a sign at Hobby Lobby I’d been searching high and low for to hang in the nursery! Can’t wait to share our plans on that front in the coming weeks!

So that brings us right up until now! Things are really starting to level out around our house before the holidays, and after the excitement of Christmas/my birthday/New Year/Julia’s birthday, we will be kicking of the third trimester and totally focused on prepping to welcome our sweet little blessing into the world!

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