Tuesday Night Girls

I’ve written about these girls before, but I love them so much that I promise this won’t be the last you hear of them on this little blog! In case you’re just popping in, I’ll catch you up. Military life comes with a lot of perks. Base housing is one of those perks. We love our military community we live in, and this month marks two years since we moved in! Time sure flies! About a year and a half ago, we started meeting on Tuesday nights at my dining room table for prayer and fellowship, and here I am all this time later with friendships I will always treasure! These women are such an inspiration in the way that they love Christ and parent their children and love their husbands. I am truly honored to open our doors on Tuesday nights to all these women and children! It’s a successful Tuesday night when the playroom looks completely destroyed. 😉

All of my mom friends know that it’s really easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of everyday and forget about yourself. For me, work keeps me out of the home a lot, and so I jam pack my evenings and weekends with chores or events or activities. That time is valuable and hard to come by! But, I’ve also seen my mom friends at the park who are so committed to the children, husbands, and homes, they are equally busy, but in a different way. We’ve all talked to that mom at the park that is so starved for adult conversation that you end up staying much longer than planned, because she hasn’t talked to someone over the age of three in days and just needs a friend. Meanwhile, you’re both awkwardly and subconsciously swaying side-to-side because neither of you realize you set your toddler down 30 minutes ago to go play and there is no one on your hip to soothe or rock. Y’all, it can make you a little crazy when the husbands leave for a couple of days, or a couple of months, or a deployment – and it’s just you and the kids! Neither way is the right way; I’m not here to knock “the other side.” We’ve had many-of-Tuesday-night conversations about how the grass is greener; there are perks and drawbacks to both sides of working or staying home. Given that we’re all so busy, though, I’ve learned how important it is to be intentional about building and maintaining these relationships. If I didn’t have Tuesday nights blocked out on the calendar for these girls, I would be starving for relationships with fellow women and mothers for hearts after Jesus. We’ve had the opportunity to help each other through moves, deployments, pregnancies, and all kinds of other fun obstacles that military life throws at you. We’re missing the girls who have moved away, but it’s such a blessing to see where this little group is today! 
And so at the end of each book we read, we try to get together for a potluck dinner. Someone had the genius idea to do a lasagna bake (last time we did tacos!), and it was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. The husbands were invited (for once), but out of all these girls, we only ended up with three husbands. Typical military life, ha. Someone also had the great idea to start a Secret Santa tradition, so we traded gifts last night too! It sure confused Mitchell, since he has been asking everyday if it is Christmas, so he can open the gifts under the tree. He was all, “Mommy, it’s Christmas! Where are Grandma and Pop-Pop?!” because I keep telling him that it will be Christmas when Grandma and Pop-Pop are here. To which he says with big eyes in a long, drawn out question, “Twoooooo Gran-mas and twooooo Pop-Pops?!” Makes me laugh every time. Yes, Mitchell, all the Grandma and Pop-Pops are coming. It’s so fun to see that three year old little brain of his wrapping itself around such big concepts like Christmas. I’ve been reminding him that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, to which he’s responded by singing the happy birthday song to Jesus everyday. Tell me that isn’t the cutest thing. 

Last night was the first little glimmer of Christmas in the house (besides the decorations, of course), which sent me into full-on ready for actual Christmas mode. Two and a half weeks left! So much to do still, and the betting game for how many times Julia will dump out the 1,000 piece Christmas puzzle and bring me a handful of pieces saying, “Pop-Pop?” is open to the public. (I told her the puzzle is for Grandmas and Pop-Pops). Currently, the puzzle piece pick up count is at 2,000 (more realistically like 1,954), and it’s been on the shelf two days. 😀
There are some girls in this group that we really miss. A lot of them are living around the county at other duty stations, home while their husbands are gone for the better part of the year, or even moved on from the military life. But, as many people as the military takes away, it also brings you new ones. See that girl with the big cheesy smile in the middle? I’ve officially nick-named her Australian-Ali! She’s really from Australia, complete with the accent – so cool! I ran across her and her best friend in the park one day while the kids were playing, and I have no doubt that God put us all in the park that day so we could connect. (It was one we almost never go to, but Mitchell spotted some little kids there across the field and asked to go there to see his ‘friends’ – so cute – and we did!). I invited them (let’s be honest, I invite everyone, ha!), and it turned out they were the spunk we were missing after a few girls have moved, and our little group was the perfect fit for them too! I never imagined all these girls that would come into my life, simply by God’s little push for me to open that front door on Tuesday nights, and it is more of a blessing than I could have ever imagined! And it’s icing on the Christmas cake that Mitchell lights up with excitement every time I tell him his friends are coming over to play!
Let’s play I Spy Julia. Her little red head is hiding there behind the tissue paper. She found herself a little crush and followed him around all night. She didn’t care that he wasn’t her daddy. He was still going to carry her around, sit on his lap when he ate dinner, and snuggle with her on the couch. I asked her if I could hold her, to which she bluntly told me ‘no!’ and snuggled back up with him. It was cracking us up. She had the cutest little Christmas shirt and matching bows, but I somehow failed to get a picture. But it’s a safe bet that you’ll see her rocking the Christmas outfit every week until Christmas, so there will be another opportunity for pictures. 
So, all-in-all it was a great night. We’re finishing up our current study (I’ll post about that later), we’ll take a quick break after the new year, and then we’ll start back fresh (and very pregnant) in February!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Girls

  1. That is so awesome! I'm in a Bible study with PWOC and love it! When Andy deploys (and there's always a “when” coming) I want to hold a pre-deployment Bible study for the ladies in the unit. Not sure why, but it's just something that's been on my heart!


  2. Do it girl! I was so nervous and it was admittedly awkward to start since we didn't know each other. But it's paid off 100x in some amazing friends that I couldn't do life without now! If you need any resources, I'd be happy to share what we've used!!!


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