Disney on Ice

This weekend was a tiring, but good one. Rewind about two months ago and I was penciling in Disney on Ice on our calendar, with fingers crossed that we could take the kids. I just knew they would love it, and there are not a lot of shows that can capture the attention of a one and three year old for for an entire two hours. But this one did! Next stop, Disney World! 😉 Just kidding, for a few years anyway. 

About a month ago, we got the news that Steve would  be in Quantico for training from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and not wanting to drive the two hours myself to Raleigh just for the show, I mentally erased it from the tentative calendar. Until we started talking a little bit more about visiting Quantico and I realized it would be the perfect pitstop on our way… and a sure way to get the kids to sleep the whole trip. So we booked two tickets for the mid-morning show (we’re soaking up every last minute of Julia being under two and getting in free!), and off we went! We practically had the whole row to ourselves and the seats weren’t half bad. Mitchell sat there in silence/awe for the whole show, except when he told me, “Mommy, the princesses soooo boo-tiful!” 

And Julia shouted “Mickey Moush!” the whole show (whether Mickey was on the ice or not), and promptly clapped whenever a song ended. 

I remember going to these shows when I was a little kid, and I realize now why my parents took me. Y’all, it is SO MUCH FUN watching the excitement of your kid at a place like this! I might even venture to bet that I had more fun than Mitchell and Julia! 

The pitstop worked like a charm. The kids were asleep by the time I found someone willing to jump our dead car battery in the parking lot (you win some, you lose some), and we drove straight through to pick up our Marine from the Quantico barracks for a family slumber party at the base hotel! More on that tomorrow. For now, I’ll be resuming normal cleaning because we’re down to four days until the first of the four grandparents arrive! 

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