Nursery & Guest Room

Here this morning with a little preview of the big reason for our move! Our new and much-welcomed fourth bedroom! It’s amazing how much this extra little 11×11 space makes the house feel huge! We’ve got the first of our four grandparents inbound in three days (Christmas countdown is in full swing!!!). We’ve been in our new house just shy of a month, and we’re prepping our guest bedroom to be used for the first time! Have I mentioned that I love having guests? Last weekend we conquered IKEA and managed to acquire a fresh crib for baby, and it’s officially a blank slate to resume nursery decorating in the new year! 

I am extra excited to announce that I’ll be teaming up with a super talented designer and old high school friend to create our dream nursery over the next few months! Amanda recently launched an e-design company specifically for nursery design, and has whipped up some design boards that are forcing me to show some serious restraint in the decorating department. (At least until the new year!) I’m especially impressed with her ideas for making this space feel like it is made for both guests and baby, since its purpose is not quite the traditional nursery! I’ll be sharing more of her designs over the coming months, but here’s what we’re starting with! You can find Wander and Whim’s website here and her Instagram here!

 There’s nothing quite like a Christmas tree to turn December cold into cozy. Or a fireplace, but they don’t trust us with those here in enlisted base housing. 😉 So there’s your sneak peak! The next time this room finds itself on the blog, it will be ready for baby and we’ll be playing the gender guessing game around here! Baby number three, we’re almost ready for you! We have a crib and a carseat – what more could we need?! Just a few more months! 

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