Christmas Cards

Anyone else sending out Christmas cards just in time to hit the mailboxes by Christmas? I feel ya. They’ve been sitting on my kitchen counter for weeks, but they’re finally hitting mailboxes today. So if you’re reading this and you’re on our Christmas card list, then it’s coming – I promise! We have Christmas cards going to military bases all over the country – Fort Drum (New York), Marine Corps Base Quantico, Marine Corps Base San Diego, a Coast Guard station in California, Marine Corps Base Kaneohe (Hawaii), Naval Air Station Oceana (Virginia Beach), Parris Island, South Carolina, among others! We’ve met some amazing military families along this journey, and it makes the Christmas card sending season that much more special! We have Christmas cards going to over 20 different states! My Secret Santa and teacher gifts are all officially delivered today, too, and I’m feeling particularly on top of things! With the hubby home, Santa’s elf just might be assembling a b-i-k-e tonight, to put the final touches on the Christmas morning surprises! 

Some of the CUTEST Christmas cards have shown up and are hanging on our pantry doors to admire every time we walk in the kitchen! Check out Desiree from Macke Monologues if you want to see a cute card. And a friend whose daughter is also named Julia. 🙂 Sarah from Sincerely Sarah Anne sent us a beautiful card also! 

And while this is certainly not a sponsored post, a huge thank you to my fellow Marine wife Amelia (blogger at Meet the Beards sent yet another precious Christmas card and I was so excited to see them use pictures I took!!!) for the heads up and the push to get these ordered from Shutterfly on Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday sale + free shipping + extra 20% coupon code + two saved up $20 credits = one very happy Christmas card shopper! I’m already marking my calendar to order Christmas cards on Cyber Monday next year! So there you have it, Christmas card previews and a few of my favorite military bloggers if you are looking for some blogs to add to your list. Six days ’til Santa!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your card!! I have fingers and toes crossed we'll have a fun announcement to add to next year's card (if only I can convince Scott to add to the crazy 😉 ).
    Next year I'm going to have to count how many states we send ours to, because I feel like they go everywhere!
    And, you snagged an AWESOME deal with your purchase!


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