Santa’s Little Helper

I think we have a new Christmas tradition in the Martin household! My childhood friend, Ellie, has developed her love of Christmas into her own business! She was so kind to send us her creation, a craft kit named “Santa’s Little Helper,” which is a one-stop box for creating your own Christmas ornaments and spreading a little Christmas cheer!

This little box showed up on our doorstep a few weeks before Christmas. I saved it for the perfect afternoon. The tree was lit, we popped some popcorn, and it was Mitchell’s first little gift of the season. He was so excited to open it and see what was inside!

I’d heard from Ellie what it was about, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect either!

Mitchell dug into the kit and found the cutest little ornament and all the supplies to make five reindeer ornaments, complete with a letter from one of Santa’s elves. I was a little worried about the paint and glue, but the kit was so easy to use and kid-friendly that he was actually at the perfect age to use it!

Mitchell began painting away. I’ll add in here that he is not our artistic child, and normally loses focus on these types of projects pretty quickly, but he was so excited throughout the whole process!

Julia even made an appearance to help him color the reindeer before painting. I wasn’t quite ready to hand over a paintbrush just yet.

And our finished product. They found themselves in the Christmas stockings for all the Grandma and Grandpas. Because who could resist such a sweet homemade ornament? Mitchell had fun helping glue all the little details on the reindeer. We wrote a little message on the back side before giving them away too! So there you have it, Santa’s Little Helper kit. Not a sponsored post, promise, but I highly recommend it! It was such a fun afternoon activity and we’ll be sure to order ours early next year. If you’re interested, check out Ellie’s website here.

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