Christmas Prep

Squeaking this Christmas post in with the rest of them, because I don’t want these pictures to be forgotten. This is where our Christmas decorating began. Every year I’ve put all of our ornaments on the tree, but this year I put it off so long, and by that time I fell in love with our bare tree and didn’t want to hang any. My late-night-project-husband-in-the-field DIY shelves were perfect for decorating, though I’m not quite sure what I’m going to put on them now that Christmas is over! We had that same bare wall in our last house and I am thrilled to have a space to put things out of the reach of little hands, and fill up that big blank space!

We folded and wrapped up blanket scarfs for all of our daycare teachers, babysitter, and speech therapist! We are so lucky to have so many people who love on our kids every day when we can’t be there, and Christmas is such a fun time to say thank you!

I have a few more plans for the playroom, but for now, this is what we’ve done. I love having a space for the kids to roam and play and pull out every toy they own without driving me crazy with a mess. And nothing says welcome to our home more appropriately than sending guests straight into a playroom full of toys. At least they’re warned. 😉

At the last minute, we put up a Christmas tree just for the kids to decorate themselves. Who knew they practically give away real trees at the store before Christmas? I think it’ll be our new tradition to snag extra trees for around the house the week before Christmas from now on! Short and sweet, but if these pictures don’t make it on the blog, they’re admittedly lost in my endless computer files forever. More Christmas cheer coming. If you’re tired of Christmas posts, come back to the blog after the new year. 😉 I promise I’ll be done by then!

One thought on “Christmas Prep

  1. We love a bare tree. We only put on lights and burlap garland. It is so plain, but I love the peaceful nature of it. Plus with the kid (soon to be kids) and dogs, its just easier!


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