‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

We’re officially ready for Christmas morning. All four grandparents are safely in town. The gifts are wrapped. The stockings are stuffed. We ventured out into town for the Christmas Eve service at church, though the 70 degree weather did make it seem a little less Christmas-y, I’ll admit. We ate our traditional Christmas enchilada dinner and the sink is full of dishes that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher. We watched Christmas movies all night. Santa’s cookies are waiting for him on top of the refrigerator where the dogs can’t eat them. The kids squeezed into last year’s Christmas pajamas and tucked in their warm beds. And I’m about to slip back into bed and wait to see who the first to wake this morning. This tiny little baby has been kicking in my stomach as I put the final touches on the gifts and the tree this Christmas morning and I’m feeling so incredibly blessed. It’s hard to believe how peaceful it is in here right now, knowing how crazy our house normally is. In four hours, it certainly won’t look like this, so I’m soaking up this sight while it lasts. Because we’re about to have some Christmas morning fun. 

More on the unwrapping, what we found under our tree this year, including Santa’s big bike surprise, Julia’s Jenny Lind bed, and the in-law gift I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top. But for now, sleep, if I want to keep up with these crazy kids in the morning. Enjoying our last Christmas with two little Martins, because Santa is going to have an extra little redhead to add to his list next year! Merry Christmas!

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