Bicycle Entourage

This year, Santa brought bikes for everyone, so it was only fitting that he also brought a 70 degree sunny afternoon to take them on their first outing. Mitchell has been riding the wheels off of the tricycle (which will actually be Julia’s until at least summer because she’s still too small to pedal without being pulled around everywhere, and this belly can’t bend over for that anymore, ha!). His knees are hitting the handlebars on the tricycle, and he was overdue for his very first bike. I don’t know if there has ever been such and entourage for a first bicycle outing. It was complete with four grandparents, daddy tailing closely with a wrench for more adjustments than Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, and three cameras!
I’m dying over the cuteness in this picture. The bike for Julia was a last-minute decision at Walmart by Santa. Julia saw it on the rack. There was one pink bike, which was also the only one small enough to fit her, and she immediately exclaimed, “my bike!” from the shopping cart. Putting her on it in the store, in front of Grandma Brim, was enough to land it a spot in the shopping cart. And after she told Grandma Brim “my bike” 100 more times and climbed right up on it like she owned the thing. Only after Grandma Brim toted her around on it through half of the super-sized Walmart would she release her death grip from the handlebars. So I threw and extra big red bow in the cart and Santa decided to bring everyone bikes this year. This little girl is our strong-willed child, and we couldn’t resist the cuteness of this face… just this once. 😉

Mitchell had the bike figured out in no time! It took about two blocks before he was making skid marks with the brakes. We’ll keep working on it this winter if this warm weather holds out, and he should be a pro by the time he gets the official boot from the double stroller in March!

We made the loop around the big pond in our neighborhood. The kids love to see the ducks and the ducks love them right back. They follow all the walkers the entire half mile around the pond looking for someone with bread crumbs. We forgot our bread that day, but the kids still had fun quacking at them. These bikes (mostly Mitchell’s, and eventually Julia’s) are going to be so. much. fun. I can’t believe how BIG my little babies are getting. Especially Julia. With things like soccer team and Pre-K coming up, I’m entering the uncharted territory of kid-parent, as opposed to toddler-parent, and I am so excited for all the adventures we have together next year! Santa success!

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