Pregnancy Weeks 23-28

Hey there and happy new year! Popping in today to recap the last five weeks or so of growing this third baby of ours. It seemed like a fitting day, since we’re kicking off our year getting ready for and welcoming our littlest blessing!

The biggest news of them all is that we’re officially in the third trimester! And with that, I went from feeling a little bit pregnant to very pregnant overnight. I shouldn’t have been so surprised after my last doctor’s appointment when they handed me the hospital registration paperwork, but sure enough, it snuck up on us. I made it to 39 weeks with the last two (they were born on exactly the same gestational day!) before the good old water broke, so if history holds true, this March 28 baby will be here on March 22. Or sooner, or later, and I’m sure the guessing will continue until then. I’m feeling pretty good considering we’ll be hitting the 3/4 mark in two weeks! The nausea/sickness is nearly completely behind me, but I don’t want to speak too soon because this is about the time that it showed back up last time. I’ve yet to do the glucose test (I think I’ll finally make it over there to do it on Friday). My mid-wife is amazing, and I look forward to chatting with her each time I go! (A total 180 from the mid-wife/military base hopping I’ve done in the past). A few days ago, my super talented photographer best friend was in town and we squeezed in the most amazing maternity pictures, and I can’t wait to share them on the blog! With Christmas, my birthday, Julia’s birthday party, and New Years behind us, I’ve officially declared January the baby-prep month. The January checklist/shopping list looks about like this:

Decorate Nursery
Stroller Adaptor
Pull out & wash Swing/Bouncer
Carseat Installation
Maternity Pictures
Hospital Packing/Picture Planning
Owlet Baby Monitor
Bottle Shopping

We’ll be knocking out some of these things super early (first-baby-style), but once February hits, we won’t be seeing much of Steve until a few months after the baby is born. The last thing I want to do will be running around the house throwing things together to get myself over to the hospital, between contractions, corralling two toddlers, completely solo, ha! (Especially since this is round three and they say these babies like to come faster every time!) We’ll see the hubby a few weekends here and there (he won’t be far most of the time), but I also know our weekends with him will be filled with a lot of recovery for both of us. He’s kicking off a pretty intense (and exciting!) training cycle, leaving me working and doing most of the kiddo/dog responsibilities  right up until this baby decides to show up! Needless to say, we’re both going to be pretty tired in February and March. Our fingers are crossed that he’ll make it for the actual day, but thankfully I have some amazing friends right in the neighborhood to help out with the kids and keep me company if it comes to it. And my dad is headed into town about a week before the baby is due, so he can have 100% Pop-Pop duty with Mitchell and Julia for a bit! Amazingly, I’m not stressed about the delivery or general craziness of our life, which is totally unlike me. Maybe it’s just that you become laid-back by the third baby, or maybe it’s this military lifestyle. I’m just feeling thankful that Steve won’t be on the other side of the world this time (Mitchell’s birth), and we’ve got the moving shenanigans behind us before baby shows up (Julia’s birth). So, January is the month to prep for this little baby! Once February and March hit, you’ll find us being lazy on the couch soaking up the last tummy kicks from this baby and (still) guessing gender and talking names! 😉

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