Shopping for Baby Three

Now that it’s time to start getting ready for the new baby, here is what you’ll find on the shopping list. Being that this is round number three for us, we’re pretty covered in most departments. Luckily, we planned for a big family and stuck gender neutral on pack and plays, swing, bumbo, high chair, bouncer, Tula, stroller, etc. So as far as those items go, we’re pretty set. (We have gone through a few pack-and-plays because with moving and traveling so much; we wear them out fast!) I’ve finally sat down and put together our shopping list for this new baby, and we were pleasantly surprised that it is pretty short!

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35Owlet Baby Care Biometric MonitorBOB Duallie Infant Car Seat AdapterTommee Tippee BottlesPacifiers

 We have the Graco 4Ever carseat, which we plan on transitioning baby into eventually for extended rear facing. We loved this carseat for Julia but she is officially getting the rear facing boot at age two and big sister status! (And for the sake of fitting three car seats across in our SUV and keeping trunk space!) But you just can’t beat the convenience of being able to take a sleeping baby into the store or daycare without pulling them out of the carseat stuck in the car. Sadly, this is the same exact car seat carrier we had with Julia, but had to toss it after we were rear-ended at a red light exactly a week after Steve deployed last time. (Murphy’s Law). I was super happy with this carseat the last go round, plus it snaps into our front-to-back double stroller, so we’re replacing it with the same one. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? And there’s just something about a fresh carseat for a fresh baby. The BOB carseat bar will let us snap the carseat into the side-to-side double too! Maybe two double strollers is a little excessive, but we just seemed to get really good use out of both of them, and I’d 100% re-buy both of them again! I’m all about re-using, but after two kids, no amount of washing and boiling will get that funky formula smell out of our original bottles. We were super happy with the Nuk brand last time, but I want to switch it up with the Tommee Tippee brand this time! After two pacifier babies, we’re headed to the hospital prepared. Which leaves us with our biggest purchase, the Owlet baby monitor. This is a new product that wasn’t available with our first two. While it admittedly has some mixed reviews (some really amazing and some complaints), I just can’t pass it up knowing what it could do for the baby. In short, it’s a biometric monitor that measures O2 and heart rate via a tiny rechargeable sock that they wear when they’re sleeping. It syncs up with an app on your phone, and will alert you in the event of an emergency! If you’re curious about this product, I’ll do my best to update our experience with it in the summer once we give it a test run! 

Covered Goods CoverPottery Barn Kids Backpack – MacBook AirRestoration Hardware Baby&Child Necklace

And while all of the above is 100% practical and what I’ve deemed Baby #3 “necessities,” here’s my fun baby shopping list! I’ve been eyeing that Covered Goods carseat cover and never ended up getting it with Julia… but given that I am still eyeing it two years later, I’m just going to go ahead and get it! Pottery Barn Kids backpacks are a weakness of mine. Not only do the kids look completely adorable (and in turn make me look totally put together) in the airport, they’re also pretty darn practical for preschool. We have the top size (small) for both kids, and that’s what we take to school with them each day with their wipes/clothes changes/etc.! After two years of a desktop (which I love), I’m finally going to snag a laptop (and another copy of Adobe Lightroom) for photo editing/blogging on the go. While this isn’t totally baby related, we’ll be doing a lot of traveling after the birth to visit family, and I know I won’t want to wait weeks to get those pictures off of my camera and processed! I’m just using baby as an excuse to spoil myself a little! 😉 And last, but certainly not least, a new charm for my necklace! Steve hit the Christmas gift out of the park in 2013 with a necklace with a charm for Mitchell and his birthday. With each baby, he adds a new charm. This is one of my most special gifts I’ve ever received, and I just can’t wait to find out the gender (and name) and birthday so I can add a third charm! So that’s the list for number three! Perhaps next time it will be shorter? 😉 Anything I’m missing? Anything I definitely need that’s come out in the last year I’ve been out of the baby mom-ing mode? In case you’re looking at this and thinking about must-haves for a first baby, here are some of the staples we have in the house that we’ll definitely be re-using (or replacing if we hadn’t saved them)! 

Graco Nautilus 65 (currently using for Mitchell&Julia)

BOB Duallie Stroller (double jogger, the double snack tray is a must but save yourself the money on the handlebar console – so flimsy!)
Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Double Stroller
High Chair (ours is discontinued but we still use it!) 
Fisher-Price Swing – no fancy 4moms for us, but it plugs in and still works like a charm.
Fisher-Price Bouncer – was never super impressed with this but it is nice to have a place to carry around and set them down when they’re tiny. 
PB Diaper Bag – my mother-in-law gifted this to me for Julia and I am still in love! 
Graco Pack and Play – we used this next to the bed for the first few months with the raised bassinet for sleeping! And for about 576 road trips! We have two! 
Tula Baby Carrier – I’m not a crazy baby wearing mom (some of my friends are and I love them!), but I know this will be even handier with a third baby… plus I waited to get the fancy Tula until late with Julia, so I’m looking forward to this upgrade! 
Bumbo Chair 
Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor – we have three cameras hooked up to it!
Dresser Straps – so much piece of mind knowing the furniture can’t topple on them!

Things I’d skip? Doorway jumper, Boppy, mobile, humidifier, changing pad/covers, pack and play with all the bells and whistles (get the raised bassinet and nothing more!). Of course I missed a few things we still have and use, but that’s a good start. Happy baby shopping! 

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