Growing Baby Number Three

Helllooo baby bump! I’ve officially popped and there’s no hiding the fact that this baby is going to be here before we know it. I am in love with these pictures. They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. We took these right at the beginning of the third trimester, and a few days before our sweet girl turned two. She has the most caring and nurturing side, and it makes it even more exciting to welcome this little baby to see the joy she gets when she takes care of her herd of baby dolls. I envisioned these maternity pictures with my sweet girl from the moment my friend Rachel sent me the first picture of this bridesmaid dress nearly a year ago. And as luck would have it, we’d learn we were expecting a few short weeks after her wedding. Matching flower crowns and long dresses, yes please. 

My amazing friend Lindsay was coming into town for Julia’s second birthday celebration. She is one of the most incredible people I know, and I have a whole post coming up about that soon, but she is my go-to photographer, hands down. I think these picture speak for themselves as to why I just needed her to take them. She’s amazing. I had no idea how we were going to throw this shoot together in the midst of our packed-all-about-Julia weekend, but a little late night shopping trip for Julia’s dress and some flower supplies, a quick try on of the bridesmaid dress to make sure it still zipped (ha! it was pretty snug!), and we were ready to go! Lindsay miraculously made this forty degree (freezing!) look like a fresh spring morning! 

These are Julia’s last few months as the littlest, but she’s already started acting older. Maybe it’s the number two after her age. It could be that her vocabulary is exploding. Transitioning to a new daycare room? The fact that she walks into Mitchell’s classroom and is the same size as a three year old? This girl has a way of making every person she meets fall head-over-heels in love with her. Something about her draws people in, and I pray it’s a quality she never grows out of. I pray she uses it to make this world a better, more Godly place. That she  always leaves that smile on a stranger’s face when they meet her. 

So there you have it, baby number three maternity pictures. Maternity pictures are kind of a girl-thing anyway, and I knew I wanted to have some sweet pictures with Julia to celebrate our place right now. I’m so happy we left the boys at home and did this! Julia’s second birthday. This third baby. Things are changing, but certainly in a good way. These days you can find me day dreaming about holding this sweet little thing, wondering if there will be more pigtails or dinosaurs around the house, tweaking my final cart on, and singing praises of gratefulness for this baby we’ll have in our arms in two short months! 

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