Speech for Soccer

This blog has been 95% about Julia lately. With the excitement of her birthday, transitioning into a new preschool classroom (tomorrow!), and our sweet birthday/maternity pictures, Mitchell’s been a little left out of the updates. LET ME TELL YOU HOW PROUD WE ARE OF THIS BOY!!! After 18 months of speech therapy 2-3 times per week (y’all, that’s over 200 therapies – he’s worked HARD!), MITCHELL IS OFFICIALLY GRADUATING! We still have a few more meetings next week for his IEP, but as far as his clinical speech therapy goes – he’s DONE! 

I’ve written a few posts to sum up Mitchell’s speech journey, which has seemed like a long one. In case you’re just jumping in, Mitchell’s expressive speech was pretty darn delayed, mostly because he couldn’t hear! A set of ear tubes launched him from one word utterances to full sentences in a matter of weeks. (His vision may have played a small part too, but it was mostly the hearing). 

From then on, it’s been a catch up game, with our ultimate goal to get him on grade level before he starts Pre-K (this August). We were trying our very best to get him all of the help he needed now, so he can be right on track with his classmates! And since his speech delays were related to his hearing (which has been drastically improved with the tubes!), we don’t expect him to have any more speech-related troubles in the future.  Our other focus is to keep his ears on track. Those pesky ear infections (culminating most recently in his ruptured ear drum) mean a follow-up with the audiologist (tomorrow – please help us pray for a good hearing report!) and another ENT follow-up next week after some “extra” testing he had done to see if we can figure out why his ear tubes aren’t preventing the infections. 

Since Mitchell shattered our little speech goal seven months early (!!!!!!!), that gives us this year to work on letter and number (1-10) recognition. Since we’ve been so focused on the speech, I haven’t focused too much on the Pre-K readiness skills, but I think this is the perfect attainable goal for the year! And who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us all and master this goal ahead of schedule too! 🙂 We are SO incredibly grateful to Mitchell’s therapist, LuAnn. This incredible woman has been so invested in Mitchell for nearly half of his life. The only sad part about ending Mitchell’s speech journey is saying goodbye to her. She has worked so hard with him and truly put his best interest first and foremost in all of her hard work. For that, we couldn’t thank her enough. 

And logistically, we couldn’t have made the speech work without the help of some amazing babysitters, namely, Amelia, Katy, Hannah, & Melanie! How I was blessed to find four amazing girls to help us tote Mitchell to his therapies during the workday, I’ll never know. I was just telling one of them the other day that no more speech means we can put the babysitter funds toward something much more fun, like date nights! 

And no more speech just happens to be at a very exciting time for Mitchell – his first organized sport! We hit up Dick’s Sporting Goods for soccer sign-ups last week. Santa made sure he’s all set with his Size 3 soccer ball and new cleats. Now we’re excitedly awaiting an email with his schedule for the spring season! Only bummer is that one of his best buddies is in the next age group up and on a different team. Looks like I’ll officially be a soccer mom!  

So there is a quick update on Mitchell for the day. He’s our tender-hearted little cuddler. He’s thoughtful and polite. He loves all of his dinosaurs and brown blankie and recently he’s decided he loves his bottom bunk instead of his top. We put a little nightstand with his airplane lamp at his bedside and he loves setting his glasses next to his bed for night time. We started giving him a fluoride rinse during teeth brushing time (now that he understands not to drink it, ha!) and he thinks it’s so fun. He loves playing outside and has his new bike mastered, as long as he can get off every 30 feet to inspect the training wheels like daddy does, ha! I’ve been out of town for work for the last four days, and I could not be more excited for our three day weekend full of beautiful weather and the park and cuddles. Just give me some Mitchell hugs, already! 

That’s it for the blog this week. On that very high note for our family, hope you have an equally wonderful (and warm!) weekend! 

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