Photo Dump

I was skimming through the blog today and realized I’ve been pretty good about highlighting the big moments, and pretty darn terrible about keeping up with all the little ones. Like the random trips to Hobby Lobby and preschool drop-offs and park dates, and so on. I’m here on this dark and rainy Friday night with the dogs curled up at my feet, and the hubby watching Food Network (his favorite – hence why he is a much better cook than me). We just beat the rain back earlier when we walked home from a friend’s house and a birthday party/cookout where we spent the evening laughing with a bunch of military couples and a dozen kids running around the house playing together. Mitchell rode his bike there, and he’s catching onto the big boy bike business pretty darn quick. We had a delicious omelet breakfast to start the day together, and all four of us sat around the table before swim lessons. Life is pretty darn good lately, and while we have two pretty major changes coming up for our family that are leaving me both a little excited (baby!) and anxious (Marine Corps), we’re so blessed in this season of life and I’m doing my best to spend equal parts soaking up these moments and preparing for some changes! So, you’ve been warned. Here come a whole lot of grainy cell phone pictures of our two red headed babes. Some days we have time for nice pictures before church. Some days we’re running out the door and getting a quick cell phone snap instead. Either way, we always have blanks and frozen waffles. 

We wrapped up Christmas pretty quick, since we had to get ready for Julia’s birthday party six days later. It made me get everything put away (or at least moved to the garage) quickly. Shoutout to the hubby and dad for getting all three of our Christmas trees (I’m Christmas crazy) to the neighborhood dumpster. I was ready to claim my house back from the madness but I was sad to say goodbye to those white twinkle lights in the window. 

Views like this make my heart skip a beat. 

Julia turned TWO. And just like that she seems like a big girl and has given us a dose of the terrible two tantrums. I kept her out of daycare for a girls day, and we spent it with a doctor check-up for each of us! She was a champ and didn’t shed a tear during shots. We also spent the day working on her big girl room, which is a project I’ve been working so hard on lately! More on that below. 

My dad is at Quantico for some pretty awesome work training for a few months, but he didn’t have to head out until after the first week of January. Which meant an extended visit for him, and he was able to hang around to celebrate Julia’s actual birthday with her (since we did her party six days early)! After our girls day, we met Pop-Pop for dinner in town and a (very rare) trip to the movie theater to see Moana! I loved that movie!!! Pizza and popcorn for the birthday girl! 

Loki was pretty happy to have Pop-Pop around too. 

And so was Mitchell. Pop-Pop snuck him out of daycare a few times and took him to the beach, lunch, and speech! Lucky boy!

Swim lessons are always a fun Saturday afternoon treat. Swimming pregnant makes me not feel so huge and the kids are sure to nap, so double win in my book. 

The kids had pajama day at Sunday School and Julia wore her moose pajamas, complete with a butt flap. I didn’t care that they are the thickest fleece and it was 65 degrees. Couldn’t say no to the butt flap. 

Hobby Lobby trips are my favorite. 

Especially on Fridays when the hubby volunteers to watch the kids and you get to shop in complete peace. 

I spent a week away for work. They sent me to a tiny town in the middle of North Carolina with not much more than the school itself. There was actually snow there – probably the only snow I’ll see all year! I had a dorm room to myself. I haven’t been to the gym or slept that much since before I had kids, and while I missed them like crazy, it was pretty nice to spend a week recharging. Steve rocked solo Daddy-duty, and only sent Julia to daycare one time in a pajama shirt thinking it was a real shirt! 😉 

House projects have been consuming a lot of my time lately!! I keep reminding myself that we only moved in here in November (two months ago!), but it isn’t quite enough to hold me back from trying to having everything ready before baby so I can spend my time off work on the couch cuddling our sweet little thing without wanting to do housework! I worked on this thing for awhile, and finally finished last week! The houses in our neighborhood have awkward half windows that are so hard to decorate. After two years in this neighborhood and too many Fixer Upper episodes, I finally found something I really liked! So I built it. Totally winged it and taught myself how to use a jigsaw in the process, but I love the final product! And whoever invented power sanders is genius. Who knew there were such things as pocket holes? Mind blown. And shoutout to the hubby for letting me use his power tools. 

A few more final touches to put on her room, but here’s a quick preview, My mother-in-law found some sweet and girl curtains last week, and I’m on the hunt for a few more pieces to wrap up that gallery wall! 

And there’s the big window project up and finished! 

Julia in her church clothes after our little ice/snow storm. Ha! My New Hampshire roots are cringing that we had so much fun stomping away in the frozen grass. Someday we’ll be back for some real snow. 

But just like that, we were eating popsicles on the porch literally days later. This is the day that began Mitchell’s quest to sneak popsicles out of the freezer any time we’re not watching. It’s a phase that’s been going two weeks strong with no signs of stopping. 

Mitchell at his very last speech appointment this week! This boy has worked so hard and we can’t thank LuAnn enough for all she has done for him! We’re truly going to miss her!

And Julia is going to miss the post-speech fruit snacks she gets from LuAnn when she tags along! 😉

Can’t really remember what we were doing here, but I sure love seeing her in the rearview mirror. 

Officially got the third carseat purchased and installed. After spending two hours at the carwash vacuuming and scrubbing every little crack and crevasse in the car. Felt so good!! Starting to round up things for the hospital bag and pinching myself that we’re two months out from this baby arriving. Trying to stay on top of it knowing that time with the hubby will be scarce in about two weeks and I’ll be doing a lot of solo-parenting soon. 

When the hubby sneaks out to play late night hockey, I sneak this boy in our bed. 

The hubby texted me this picture last night. He went upstairs and found Julia had pulled the potty out of the closet and was actually going potty. And she’s done it about five times since. Guess it’s time to add potty training to my to do list! 

Couch naps for Loki and Julia. 

It’s almost park season again!!! That warm weather and evening sunlight will be here soon!

I was surprised by my boys waxing the floors for me today. The best surprise. 

And last, but not least, these were our outfits for the birthday party we walked to tonight. In January. Tee-shirts and sandals. I love you, North Carolina. 

That’s it. If you’re still with me, I applaud you. A little all over the place tonight, but I just couldn’t let these pictures fall through the cracks into the depths of my computer hard drive.  You can find us soaking up the rest of the weekend together tomorrow! 

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