Glasses and Mom Guilt

Currently… feeling a little bit of mom guilt. I know I’m not the only one plagued with it, and I know it’s for absolutely no good reason. Julia had her very first eye appointment today. Which sent us straight to the eye glasses store. Yep, girlfriend has a pretty good astigmatism and is horribly far-sighted. Like double her brother (+4.25 for you glasses wearers!), and they told us he wasn’t even borderline on the glasses-wearing decision. The worst part? I had no idea. And after talking to the eye doctor, the warning signs were there and I didn’t pick up on them. For the second time! The eye doctor seems to think her strict 6:30 bedtime and long naps may have something to do with her eyes being so tired and headaches that she can’t tell us about yet. End of day fits will hopefully lessen when she can actually see (they did with Mitchell!). Time will tell how she reacts, but at least the poor girl will be able to see!  The mom guilt is a little bit of not seeing the warning signs, and a little bit of the fact that I know it’s my genes (husband is 20/20 – lucky him!). I realize their vision is completely out of my control, but every mom is entitled to a little unreasonable mom guilt now and then. 

So to make us feel a little better, she had a special lunch at Chuy’s with mommy and daddy before picking out her new glasses! Her eyes were still dilated and she was still so out of it. She saw a picture of Steve on my phone and thought it was Pop-Pop… which broke our hearts a little when we realized how poor her vision actually is. And then across the street to the eye glasses store! The best advice I had when we fitted Mitchell was to get two pairs. And I’m SO glad we did. We picked out a pink and a blue pair, and the middle schooler in me was a little giddy when I saw they were Limited Too brand. Took me back, ha! Sadly, her prescription was so strong they had to send them out, so she won’t be sporting them for another few weeks. Another few weeks for the mom guilt to linger because now I know that she can’t see without them! We are so thankful for our happy and healthy girl, but I sure had my fingers crossed that she would end up with Daddy’s eyes. Now that we have two red-heads in glasses, I’m already imagining what our family will look like in about two years. Perhaps three red-heads with glasses? Ha! And since I’ve been asked a lot – military friends, y’all qualify for a free eye exam through Tricare at age three, so get those eyes checked! (We requested a referral a year early with Julia, simply because of family history). Our pediatrician thought they were fine (no fault of his), but we had no idea until they saw a real eye doctor that they both were struggling with their vision! No free glasses from Tricare though… so you can find us starting a glasses savings account for the next 18plus years. 😉

2 thoughts on “Glasses and Mom Guilt

  1. Aww, poor girl! And poor mama! I can't even imagine the *warning signs* of a toddler needing glasses, short of running into walls- they can't communicate too well. So far the pediatrician has given my kids their eye exams and they have been less than cooperative. My husband had terrible vision (but lasi, yay) but I have perfect vision so I'm hoping my genes pulled through and their little blues eyes are ok. The glasses are so adorable on her!


  2. Man, I should proofread. Maybe more coffee. Or an eye exam perhaps??? Geez. Just read through one of your other posts and saw that your husband is a ginger and a Steve too! Aren't they great? 😉


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