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Coming to ya with a 4:45am post and some grainy, poorly lit cell phone pics. You’re welcome. It’s my best time to do dishes/vacuum/blog/shower, and nobody is awake but me and Loki. This past week I have been feeling sort-of, kind-of, a little nervous I’m about to jinx it, dare I say – on top of things. The house is in good order. My list of things to have done before Baby#3 is by no means complete, but it’s certainly much shorter than it was a month ago. We’ve been in our house nearly three months, and with the final clean out of the garage last weekend, the move in feels complete. My normal stacks of papers at work are somehow shrinking. All of the sudden it feels like we might be ready for this baby to show up next month after all. (Did I just say next month?! Seems so crazy, y’all!) Sure, life happens and I know I won’t be on top of things forever (it usually lasts only a few days), but that doesn’t keep me from trying to stay on top of things until delivery day decides to claim its day on the calendar. There are so many things I’m excited about with the arrival of this new baby. Having the extra time to dedicate to my family – in the form of a few months off work – is such a huge blessing! This means time (most importantly) to get acquainted with our newest little blessing. It means more time for Mitchell and Julia. Relaxed mornings to get ready for preschool and laid back drop offs. Shorter preschool days and daylight pick ups in time to catch the park after school. Time to get doctor check-ups and teeth cleanings done. Time to travel to our hometowns to see family and friends. Time to cook for my husband and clean the house at some time other than 4:30 am. And time to let those sweet little newborn cries replace my iPhone as an alarm clock. The stay-at-home mom debate is one ever present in my mind, but I love my work and have no intentions of taking on the full-time mom gig anytime soon. (Unless the military says we’re moving to Hawaii, in which case plans will change, ha!). But these few upcoming months are such a blessing, and so needed to make sure we get our family in a manageable and sustainable routine before we throw ourselves back into the normal crazy of everyday life.
And with the extra time I have, it means some of that will be extra time to focus on this blog. I’ll let you in on a little secret that’s not-so-secret if you’ve been around awhile. I’ve never blogged on a schedule. I’ve never planned out posts. If I have a few minutes after dawn or before bedtime or during naptime, I throw together pictures I take (I am pretty good about pulling the camera out during our everyday activities!) and a few thoughts on my mind. One of my favorite blog moments was our feature in USA Today’s Year in Defense issue about a year ago – I even framed a copy next to the computer! But mostly, this blog has been an unexpected gift to our family, because my husband and I find ourselves all the time digging in old posts to read memories we’ve already forgotten a few years later. I can’t imagine those all disappearing without documenting them! Some months are exciting and we have endless adventures to write about, and some months we’re treading water and trying to stay afloat like any other family. You can typically find those months with about four posts, and I’m lucky to get one a week out, ha! Regardless, I want to be more intentional about a whole list of things in my life, and capturing these fleeting moments in this space is one of them! Maybe writing about this here will keep me more accountable, maybe not – time will tell. I have friends like Desiree at Macke Monologues, who posts the cutest pictures of her kids together every Monday, and has for years. And while I don’t think I’ll ever be that on top of things, I’ve had some time lately to plan out Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts for the next few months (with Tuesdays and Thursdays to add in the extra adventures that life seems to bring). Hopefully this will be a schedule I can stick to! I know our moms will be giggling with excitement as they read this, because they can’t get enough blog posts. This blog really has been a gift to keep our friends and family in the loop, because military life makes that anything but easy.

And, thanks to my wonderful parents (and husband who conspired with them), I can officially edit pictures and blog on the road! This year’s Christmas/birthday gift was one that’s much appreciated. An official replacement to my ten year old MacBook Pro, which saw me through undergraduate and graduate school. I sure love my desktop computer for the bulk of my photo editing and computer needs, but I now have a shiny MacBook Air to let me be a little more mobile with my photo editing and blogging! And with all the traveling coming up in our near future, this couldn’t have come at a better time! No more waiting until I get home to load that memory card into the computer. You better believe that Adobe Lightroom was the first program I loaded on that computer too! 😉 So, here’s to more memories made, more pictures taken, and more moments captured on The Martins and the Marines – a space I had no idea we’d all grow to love so much! Happy Friday!

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