Julia’s Big Girl Room

So excited to share our first finished room in the new house! If you missed out, we snagged a bigger base house before baby. Living so far from family and friends leaves us with a lot of visitors, and for the sake of being able to host guests without making them feel cramped, we made the jump when the house was offered. The new house meant I got to design a space just for Julia. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this girl, and having her own (for now) space filled with sunshine and flowers and girly touches made me giddy with excitement! A little background on base housing for ya… no painting, but luckily the walls come in a neutral color that matches everything and is pretty easy to spruce up. She’s in the smallest bedroom, and I’m already scratching my head about how we’d squeeze another little girl in there (if a sister decides to show up – just between you and me, that’s what my fingers are crossed for!). I suppose we have about two years before we might run into that hypothetical challenge, though. The biggest thing we were missing for Julia’s room was a bed. Kind of important, ha! The bed she was previously using was too big for her, but a gift from my grandparents that I grew up sleeping in, so I certainly wasn’t going to replace it. (It’s since been relocated to the guest bedroom/nursery!) So, for the first month we were in the house, Mitchell loaned Julia his bottom bunk to sleep in until the bed situation was resolved. Long story short, since her bedroom was missing a bed, I certainly didn’t think I’d be sharing Julia’s room as the first finished room here on the blog! But, once I started, I fell in love with the process of designing this sweet space for her and it came together quickly!

After eyeing the Jenny Lind Beds for a few years, we were thrilled when Grandma Brim snagged a perfectly good one for a great secondhand price and gave it to Julia for Christmas! The last thing she needed was toys, and the first thing she needed was a bed. (Of course, it’s grandma, so she got toys too). And it’s not just cute! I just might find myself taking a nap in here someday. I didn’t realize how comfy that mattress from the PX was until Julia was running a 103 degree fever a few weeks ago and I fell asleep with her in her room. She’s got the best mattress in the house! Also, that bedspread. I knew I had to have it when I saw it, and thus the color scheme was born. I went with Company Kids bedding, and I love, love, love all the pretty options and combinations that company has! When I make it to decorating our bedroom, I’ll definitely be diving into their adult bedding options. I’ve become a big fan of this company!

I think my favorite thing about Julia’s room is my first “major” woodworking project! We love these base houses we live in, minus a few things. I realize I’m being a little nit-picky, because we are overwhelmingly blessed and grateful to live here, but (1) vertical blinds and (2) awkward shaped windows. Curtains make these half windows look even more awkward than they already are. So, after two years of trying to think of a cute solution and every single episode ever aired of Fixer Upper, I finally adopted a concept from the adoption episode that I was convinced would solve all of my design problems. And it did! But not without some hard work. I knew all I needed to convince the hubby to let me dive headfirst and big-bellied into a giant DIY project was telling him we’d need a jigsaw. Because he’s been wanting to buy a jigsaw. It worked like a charm, and off he went to Lowe’s to pick one out and grab the wood I’d need to throw this thing together. A few people have asked me about the plans, and I wish I could share them. I totally winged it. With the exception of calling the hubby to the garage for a few pieces of advice here and there, I’m proud to say I figured this thing out on my own right up until I needed another set of hands to hang it on the wall. Ana White would be so proud! I learned all about pocket holes and wood filler and I’m mentally ready to take on a new project and physically ready to take a nap! I’ve been calling this the “indoor awning.” It brings just the right amount of brightness and dollhouse feel to Julia’s room.

The prints next to the awning are ones I framed from a storybook. They hung over Mitchell’s crib, then Julia’s crib, and are now in Julia’s new room since I still love them to pieces. The frames have been painted a few colors to match various decor, and the storybook pages have the sweetest message. You can find the book ‘I Love You More’ (by Laura Duksta) HERE

Julia’s dresser was from a friend selling it on a local selling site. It was a dark wood and had a pretty roughed up finish, but I loved the detail at the bottom and the fact that it was solid wood. With a fresh coat of chalk paint, and a new set of drawer pulls, we had it looking beautiful for about $50. Come to think of it, all of the furniture in her room is second hand for a steal of a price. My fellow military families understand shopping on a budget, am I right? In case you were wondering, the dresser IS strapped to the wall. In case you aren’t familiar with doing this, it’s a simple strap that drills into the back of the dresser and into the wall studs at two points, and prevents furniture from tipping over on little climbers! We also have Mitchell’s dresser and bookshelf strapped to the wall. The straps we use are HERE. They’re really cheap, and more than worth the cost for the safety of your child, and peace of mind if you are a worrier like me! 

I wanted to keep Julia’s dresser top decor simple. My mother-in-law has a knack for snagging perfect and unique pieces that work right into my decor. She found the runner and these lamps at a antique shop, which we use exclusively for the light in Julia’s room! I’m not a big fan of her overhead light, which is probably because I have a 50-ish watt light bulb up there. And lamps just make things so cozy! Julia’s “special” books, in other words the books with pages that tear, are kept in the basket on her dresser and pulled out to read at bedtime. I found the little planters in the Target Dollar Spot. I thought it would be fun to get her a few succulents to water together each day as her first little “chore.” And they don’t die, so there’s that. 

Julia’s Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair matches perfectly in this little corner. I’ve found her a few times quietly reading in this chair, and it melts my heart each time. I can’t get enough of this sweet girl, y’all. I knew there was something special about that bunny when it showed up in the mail from Julia’s Great Aunt Judy. It was so darling, and ended up being the perfect match to her bedroom decor! I think it’s so darn cute that it sits here in this chair when she’s not dragging her by the ear into bed for snuggling.

And sometimes the most practical storage option is a big bin to throw everything in. Julia loves her baby dolls, and since she’s collected about 15 of them since her birthday, this cute Target basket is the best solution I’ve found. Girlfriend is going to be such a great big sister so soon! 

I’ve found myself loving gallery walls lately. With absolutely no strategy involved, I found semi-coordinating things I thought were pretty and hung them up until the wall was covered. 

This piece from the Hobby Lobby spring shop was the final addition, and I just love the simple Psalm (HERE) and pretty picture hanging right over Julia’s bed.


The bookshelves have been painted about every color I can think of and been in four different rooms. For $4 IKEA spice racks, I couldn’t ask for much more. A quick coat of paint and the Julia-proof books were right where she can reach them at bedtime. Julia is a nursery rhyme fanatic. After planning her entire second birthday party with a nursery rhyme theme, I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful of our friends (Amelia’s blog here!) to find a perfect little book with her very favorite, Little Bo Peep. 

The girly curtains were another perfect find by Grandma Martin. 

Last, but not least, my little brother whipped up this doll house for Julia when he visited us last summer. I came home from work to him finishing this up in the garage. Julia’s Little Poeple figures fit perfectly in it, and I think it’s darling. She loves “my princesses!” and wearing her tutus. She must always have a bow in her hair. Our girly girl. 

 In the interest of full disclosure, Project Julia Closet Organization is still underway and I still don’t have a great organization strategy in here. Yet, anyway. 🙂
 And a peek from the hallway in mid-afternoon. I love how bright and airy her room feels!

If you’re on the hunt for any of the decor, links to most everything can be found here:
Jenny Lind BedCompany Kids DuvetCompany Kids BlanketPottery Barn Kids Anywhere ChairBulldog ArtworkLove You Little One CanvasHanging Doll HousesOpen Pink FrameDream SignBe Still FramePsalm 96:1 SignAmazing Grace DecorIKEA BookshelvesI Love You More BookCoral Picture FrameWhite Picture FrameFurniture Straps

All of the other items in her room are either discontinued or not sold online, and that sums up the first finished room in our house! More decor posts on the way. I’ve had a lot of fun in the nursery lately, teaming up with my friend’s nursery e-design company, Wander and Whim Design. So there you have it! Be back Friday with a big update on Grandma Brim and her latest adventures!

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