Kansas Representative Grandma in Topeka

Well, I was 2/3 on my first week of blogging “more regularly,” so we’ll call it a win. Friday got a little busy with work and this darn head cold I’m fighting, plus baby, so I’m posting from a lazy Saturday morning on the couch with Mitchell watching Mickey Mouse. He’s three applesauces deep and I haven’t moved from the couch. Lazy Saturday morning at its finest. I realized when I was looking through my recent posts that I completely failed to mention Grandma Brim’s latest big adventure! The last y’all heard of it was when she was on the campaign trail last fall, which I wrote about HERE. If you’re just tuning in, my mother ran for the Kansas House of Representatives District 39 position. She beat out the Republican incumbent in the primary election. Well, you may have guessed it. She won the whole thing on election day in November! The celebration was complete with a watch party, after party, and more fancy dinners than I can count. 

I think it’s just the coolest thing to bring her full circle. A little background on my parents. They were both raised (and my mom born) in Topeka, Kansas. 

They were high school sweethearts, and eventually went to college together at Kansas State University, where my mother majored in elementary education for her undergraduate degree. Fun fact – my dad graduated with an agricultural degree that I’m sure completely prepared him for a career of service in law enforcement, ha! My mom liked his cowboy hat. 😉 My mom landed her first teaching job in Topeka (where all of my grandparents lived until they passed), and my dad a deputy at the local Sheriff’s Department for a short time. They married pretty quickly after college and relocated closer to Kansas City (about an hour down I-70). They’ve been teaching and policing and raising my brother and I there ever since. After my mom retired (check out the awesome party we threw for her here!) from 32 years of teaching last May, she waited a whole month of retirement before she decided to going to run for office. Eventually landing her an office in none other than the Kansas Capitol Building in downtown Topeka, an iconic Kansas landmark in her hometown and just down the street from where my parents grew up, graduated high school, married, welcomed their first baby (me!), and my grandparents hosted a-many happy family holidays together. My mother’s accomplished career in education has landed her back at the very capitol building she grew up admiring in her hometown. Pretty cool, huh?

Since taking her oath of office, my mom has landed herself a spot on the Kansas Veterans & Military Committee, Transportation Committee, and the Higher Education Budget Committee. She’s writing bills, voting on issues, and making our family so proud! If you asked any of us (even her!) a year ago today if we saw this coming, we certainly didn’t. It’s an opportunity of service that fell into her lap. She’s officially graduated from first grade, straight to the Kansas House of Representatives, and continues to impress us all, whether it’s in the classroom or the capitol! But just because she graduated from first grade doesn’t mean she lost touch. Last week she had the honor of presenting our hometown football team, many of whom were once little first graders in her classroom, with an official congratulations for winning this year’s state 5A state championship – for the second year in a row! 

Yesterday when I called my mom (for the third time – sometimes you still need your mommy), I asked her who I was talking to. Grandma Brim? Representative Brim? Mrs. Brim? (She still substitute teaches from time to time just because she loves little ones that much.) Real Estate Agent Brim? She’s a pretty impressive lady and she always shines no matter what hat she’s wearing!

So there’s your update! We can’t wait to visit her in Kansas with our latest addition in just a few months! I think a trip to Topeka will certainly be in order! On the agenda for this weekend is some work in the backyard. Since 78 degrees in the forecast, it’s officially time to start getting ready for spring! After the hubby and Julia wake up, of course. Until then, Mickey Mouse. Happy weekend! 

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