Nursery Reveal

Finally time to reveal the nursery! We’ve always used our littlest’s bedroom as a guest bedroom also. I love having visitors at our home and I love having a comfortable space for them to take over and feel welcome. But for the sake of my ability to sleep, giving each babe their own room (for now) is the way to go. Eventually we’ll pair them up to free up the nursery, but for now, it’s a guest bedroom – nursery combo for the Martin family. When we have visitors, we boot baby to the Pack&Play. And with Mitchell’s bunkbeds, we’ve even bunked Mitchell and Julia together a few times to make room! I was contacted in the winter by a high school friend who has recently launched an e-design nursery company. I’ll fill you in a little, since I had never heard of it either! After talking to her about what you want for your nursery space, she creates a design board and provides professional design advice via either the phone or email for your space! The design board was accompanied with a shopping list, which showed suggested items to purchase, so you can just hop online and order easily! The best part was that she gave me three similar options for everything, at three different price points, so I could splurge or save anywhere I wanted. When we initially talked and I told her I had a small bedroom that also had to fit a guest bed, we wouldn’t know a gender, and I wanted the colors to be tan, gray, and white with pops of black, and we couldn’t paint, I thought she might re-think working with me. But after a few emails and a phone conversation (which consisted of a lot of catching up on the years past since high school!), I felt like she completely understood what I was going for. And sure enough, when that email popped up in my inbox with the design board, she nailed it! If you are design-challenged or simply looking to save yourself the headache of hours scouring Pinterest, I highly recommend Amanda at Wander and Whim Design. And if you’re looking for a pretty Instagram feed with pretty nursery pictures, follow her here!

Onto the nursery details. I get giddy every time I walk past this room and catch a glance! There are so many pieces in this room that are sentimental, and I am so happy to incorporate into this space. The bed is usually the first piece to grab attention. This four poster bed belonged to my grandparents (on my dad’s side). I’ve written about them here and here, but their love was something pretty spectacular. They were a decorated Air Force pilot and his high school sweetheart who lived a career military life all over the world. They passed a few years ago now, and my grandfather poured all of himself into caring for my grandmother for nearly his entire life, and we all think it was really that he couldn’t live without my grandmother and had a broken heart when he passed a short time after she did. I treasure the memories I have with them growing up, and all of the advice they gave us for a strong military marriage in our earlier years. One of my fondest memories was this particular bed, which I always picked to sleep on whenever I stayed with them overnight. I remember my grandmother giving me a boost to hop up into the bed when I wasn’t quite tall enough. When they eventually downsized their home, they passed the bed onto our family when we were just starting out. I treasure this piece of furniture and all of the memories that come with it! Last year, I gave it a fresh coat of chalk paint, as the finish was looking a little rough and I really wanted a bright white piece. After years of debating, I finally did it, cringing with nervousness that I was altering such a special piece of furniture. I have no regrets. I love it even more white. This is a piece I hope to keep forever. So, if you’re ever a guest in our home, you’re sleeping in a little piece of family history.

Hobby Lobby is hitting me at my weak spot with the Jaxn Blvd farmhouse signs they’re carrying in store now. I immediately knew I wanted this sign for the nursery when I saw it in Kansas, and had my mom bring it all the way out here when our Hobby Lobby didn’t carry it! (They actually added it to their inventory just after she brought it out here, ha!) The bedding is from IKEA, with a miscellaneous throw pillows I couldn’t pass up.

This side table was a true farmhouse find, by my college friend Brigid, who donated it to our poor college apartment furniture fund. After telling her how much I loved it basically every day of our junior and senior year, she gave it to me when we graduated for our first home, and it is still one of my favorite pieces! I am ever debating where in the house I want it, because there are about 10 places I could put it to use! It works perfectly in this room, because I was space challenged, and it serves purpose of a nightstand without taking up too much room. Also, my mom gave us this Scentsy warmer as a housewarming gift for the new house, and I’m totally sold on it! Since it’s near the door and the room is right in the middle of hallway, it makes the entire upstairs smell yummy!

Our base housing neighborhood is famous for these awkward half windows that simply cannot be fixed with curtains. I talked about my two year struggle and dreamy solution in Julia’s room (HERE). Well, I decided to try a simpler, fabric DIY version of my wooden awning project, and I LOVE it. So much, in fact, that I built another one for our first level. This was another plan-less project. With a couple of boards, wood screws, black spray paint, two yards of fabric from Hobby Lobby, and a staple gun from the hubby’s shooting range box (ha!), this thing was built and hung in less than two hours. I thought my husband would roll his eyes at (1) another project requiring the use of his tools, and (2) another awning thing hanging in the house, but we both love it! This pop of black is just what that wall needed.

Moving right along to the crib. Amanda picked out the perfect IKEA crib (HERE). Luckily, they had it in stock when I was passing through Virginia last, and the kids helped me shop, load it up, drive back from Virginia and put it together all in a day! (Hubby was off for some military something. I lose track after awhile, ha!) Pregnancy win! I will say – it would have been much easier to assemble if it actually included the instructions, but that’s what Youtube is for, right?

On a serious note, if you’re looking at buying this crib, just know that it is much lower than your average sized crib! I was a little surprised when I got it together and saw how short it was. It actually feels like it takes up less space being smaller (which is a good thing in this room), but I don’t want you to be surprised like I was! Another thing to know is the mattress that comes with the crib is more of a memory foam than a true mattress. I was surprised when I put some Target sheets we already had on it and it compressed it to the point of not being safe. The compression of the old sheets made the gap between the mattress and the crib too large, where a baby could roll here and get stuck in a position that would be very unsafe. After trying out of a few different types of sheets (since IKEA is so far away!), I found THIS set at Babies R Us was plenty big enough. And those feathers! So cute! If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a little paranoid about baby and toddler safety around here, but all for good reason! Speaking of safe sleeping, we tend to move baby around 6-8 weeks out of the Pack and Play bassinet in our room and into the crib, and use a video monitor to keep track of them! We have a monitor that toggles between all three kids’ rooms, allowing us to check on each of them. And taking it one step further, the last big purchase on my list is the Owlet Biometric Baby Monitor, which monitors baby’s heart rate, respiration, and O2 while sleeping via a tiny little sock, and sends an alert to your phone if there is an emergency. I have a feeling I might move baby a little earlier into the crib and just sleep in the guest room, since the hubby is going through a really intense training cycle over the next few months and really needs good sleep! But time will tell, and I just can’t wait to fall asleep staring at our sweet little baby at the bedside.

The prints hanging above the crib were one of the first things on the wall in this house. I knew just where I wanted the crib (okay, I knew there was only one place it would fit, ha!), and I’d been saving these for this room. These hung above Steve’s crib as a baby, and were a gift from his grandmother. They’ve found a place in each of the kids’ nurseries, but I think this is my favorite because I was able to incorporate them into the decor so well and they’re a featured piece in the room. I just love that this baby will be surrounded by so many things from his (or her!) great grandparents! Side note. We have been calling this baby “he” and “him” this whole time, but I’m really hoping it’s a girl. I’ll let you in on the reason my fingers are crossed so tight if my wish comes true, which will make this room even more special, but more on that little secret later. Another story for another time.

This sweet little rocking chair was a gift to Mitchell and Julia from our friends, the Bonomis! After a few years of playroom use, it was way overdue for a fresh coat of paint. A subtle gray fixed it right up and it’s ready for baby! The bear is also pretty special. It was a gift to Mitchell from his Great Aunt Christeen, who gave it to him because it was the same bear his Great Grandma Pendleton gave her other grandsons. She passed before he was born, but he has this special bear that we all know she would have made sure he had!

The final focal wall is squeezed between a (normal-sized!) window and closet door. This baby technically has a walk-in closet, but it’s a tiny little thing! Especially since this is the baby storage closet, meaning it’s got two Pack and Plays, bouncer, swing, jump-a-roo, extra wipes, swim diaper stash, etc., etc. etc. I also like to keep one of the four racks open with empty adult hangers for guests to have a place to hang their clothes. Right now it’s okay because it’s only got a week’s worth of gender neutral onesies hanging until we find out what this baby is – but we’ll see how it goes once I start hanging Mitchell’s (or Julia’s!) old clothes! My favorite storage solution is the closet door shoe racks. They’re the handiest place to store anything from shoes to baby blankets, and are a cheap and easy storage solution. I think I have about six hanging in closets throughout the house! Another storage secret is the eight long storage containers that fit perfectly under the guest bed! A bed skirt hides those from view and they keep a lot of the stuff we don’t use often (wrapping papers, extra curtain rods & decor, winter clothes, etc.).

The old farmhouse trunk is another treasure from this baby’s Great Grandma and Grandpa Brim. It doubles for storage too, which is nice!

I added a DIY industrial shelf to this wall and a few pieces of artwork that caught my eye also. Thanks, Hobby Lobby and Target, once again!

I will say, Amanda had some amazing ideas for cute throw pillows, a rug under the crib, sitting chair near the window, and curtains. For budget purposes, I opted not to add those things. We already had these curtains (also from my college apartment!), and since we were decorating several rooms post-move and saving for baby and life in general, ha! I felt like she gave me plenty ideas to pick and choose what worked for us, and I’ll definitely be recommending her to my preggo friends in the future! Y’all know I’m not a sponsored post person, so I promise I mean it!

Now the official nursery reveal is done, it’s time get a baby in here! Cue my parents’ gender speculation, since they’re convinced that we really know and just aren’t telling anyone. (We don’t, Mom!) Friends and family all over the country, you’ve officially seen your room and it’s ready for you! So come visit us! It’s really starting to feel real, and I’m really starting to feel pregnant. We’re about 98% prepared and 1000% ready to meet this baby!

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