Last Weekend Recap

This past weekend was about as mellow as they come for us. We didn’t do much of anything. Here’s a picture to prove that we were put together and clean at least once! 🙂
 It was the only Saturday of the month with no swim lessons, no soccer games scheduled as of yet, so Lowes and church were our only outings. We ate pizza twice. We watched four movies together. We crossed a whole bunch off the to do list, and only flooded our kitchen once, ha! A huge success. 

Friday night left us all exhausted after a long work week. The hubby and I got to do daycare pick up together, which always makes it seem like much more of a fun family outing than a chore. I was in bed and asleep before 8:00 on two days this weekend. No crazy parties for this pregnant girl. Friday night was our usual pizza and a movie night. We switch back and forth between homemade (frozen) pizzas and takeout. This week was homemade (in the oven for ten minutes after preheating to 425, ha!). We watched Zootopia together, and by the end of the movie, this is how my family looked. Steve asked me where he would fit a third baby, and I fell in love with him all over again. Julia and I went to bed early, and Steve and sleeping Mitchell stayed up for the end of the movie. It looks like we’re going to have a lot of these at home nights together in our next few months, and I couldn’t be happier.

Saturday, we hit the ground running with some outdoor chores. After sleeping in, of course. I’d been eyeing the weather all week, and the weatherman came through strong. Meanwhile our in-laws prepped for a blizzard in New Hampshire.
 This was a huge blessing, because we needed to spend some time doing clean up after winter time. Our backyard doesn’t drain and we have two big dogs, so mud. Plus, the kids’ swingset was looking a little shabby, we’ve needed to replace our lawn-mower for about five years now (it was a manual old one with a spinning blade and a wheel that falls off), and also replace the weedeater that got stolen during our move in November. Still a little frustrated about that, because it was a perfectly good weedeater! The back porch needed power washing, and we all needed some Vitamin D, so we spent practically the entire weekend outside. With our new lawn equipment up and running, we had the yard much improved in no time at all. 

When it came time to pull the power washer out, somehow something broke in our backyard spigot, causing the water to start coming out of the siding instead of the hose! My smart husband thought to check inside to make sure it wasn’t coming through the wall, and sure enough, half of our dining room was covered in a big puddle. Luckily, our housing has an awesome maintenance crew that came out to double check the water was turned off and bring a dehumidifier (we weren’t sure how much was under the cabinets and North Carolina = humid), with a promise to fix everything with new parts on Monday. We are so blessed! Once we had the flooding situation under control, we were back at it in the backyard, Steve re-staining the entire swingset and me finishing off half a box of popsicles with the kids. Just kidding, I power-washed too and entertained our crazy kids. With the sprinkler in their underwear in February. I love North Carolina. Also, yes, at some point during the weekend Julia drew all over herself with a pen and four days later it still isn’t completely gone.

Saturday night consisted of a steak dinner and more movie watching. These lazy nights are what pregnant life is all about, I tell ya. 

Sunday morning, we made our big “presentable” outing to church. Presentable meaning everyone was bathed in clothes that weren’t pulled out of the clean laundry pile wrinkly. Ha! I’m currently working on a huge gallery wall in our upstairs hallway (my biggest one yet!), and I needed some updated headshots of the kids for this space. I just waited until Sunday to snap these, since they’d be looking cute and clean already, and who wants to do that twice in one weekend? 😉 Y’all, I’m dying of these pictures! They turned out perfectly. I put them in the frames last night, and I just have one empty one waiting for the littlest baby!

After the backyard was finished for the weekend, Steve moved onto replacing the old battery in his Jeep that barely starts, and the kids went to town in the front yard on their bikes, drawing with chalk, playing frisbee, tee-ball, soccer, and all the outdoor activities you can think of.

By Sunday afternoon, we were four baths deep (per kid). There was a lot of fun to wash off this weekend, I tell ya. This was before Steve and I sat our tired selves down on the couch watching (another) movie, at which time Julia came and found us looking like this. She found my chocolate. We DIED laughing, muffled laughs of course because we couldn’t let on to her that it was cute and funny. We then separated the involved parties for independent interrogations and cleaning. Julia’s response was absolutely hilarious, which I think will be one of my all time favorite videos of her childhood. It’s on my Instagram (HERE), and I promise it’s worth the watch. When I first asked her what happened, she told me, “I pray at church.” Nice try, little lady. Then she made sure to tell me that Mitchell found it and shared it with her. Nothing a little Jesus, sharing, and deflecting the blame can’t fix, right? Ha! Still laughing at this. 

We were all so tired by Sunday at 6:00 that no one was listening (see time out below), so it was early bedtimes for all. 
Like 6:30 early bedtimes. Mitchell went upstairs on his own and put himself to bed, which he NEVER does. The weekend left us yearning for next weekend. Why are weekends so short and the work week so long??? But, the weekend also left us with the news that our good friends that the military sent to Michigan will be visiting us in less than two weeks! Silver lining. So there’s our crazy little weekend at home. Looking forward to doing about the same next weekend!

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