Mitchell Started Soccer

Mitchell’s very first soccer season is officially underway so I figure it’s appropriate to update his big news on the blog! I talked about our transition from speech therapy to soccer a few weeks ago. Mitchell just happened to be caught up with his peers and graduating his speech therapy at the same time soccer was starting, and it couldn’t have been better timing! Holderness soccer, Class of 2032? 😉

It took Mitchell a practice to warm up to soccer. He was really nervous on the first night and left without kicking the ball once. He asked for his school friends instead of his new soccer friends because they were “scary.” He’s naturally shy and a little intimidated in new environments. It took months of swim lessons for him to jump in like a fish, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. But, by the second practice, he was hopping in the car saying, “Let’s do that again!” and, “My friends aren’t scary anymore!” 
There’s the happy, goofy Mitchell we all know and love. 
And what would soccer be without his little pink cheerleader on the sidelines yelling, “Yay, Bobo!” Can you believe we’re dressed in summer clothes in February? We are loooooving this weather!
Mitchell has some pretty cute little girls on his team too!
And an awesome coach! It takes something special for someone to give up three days a week to coach a sport. And some serious patience when it’s six little ones completely new to soccer and have no concept of passing, staying on the field, or concept of opposing teams! He is seriously awesome with these little kiddos, and I’m so excited Mitchell is off to the races in his first soccer season!
They practice until it gets dark, and since it’s still technically winter, I shouldn’t be surprised that it cools off a bit. That’s when we pull out the fuzzy blankets and puffy jackets and snuggle up on the bench to watch the end of practice! The best part about soccer is that both kids are exhausted by the time we get home from running around, so they are happy to eat dinner, hop in the bathtub, and let Daddy tuck them into bed! He’s been having some long days lately, so he doesn’t get to see much of the kids during the week. We’ll be coming up on the halfway point of his training really soon, and we’ll be excited to reach this milestone! 
No soccer games as of yet. We’re still waiting on a game schedule, but for now, Mitchell has plenty on his plate trying to understand that there are only two nets on his soccer field, and not to try to score on the empty adjacent field, ha! Things I’ve learned so far… watching your kids play sports is so much fun, Julia is ready to jump in and play right along with the big kids (Mitchell is the tallest and she’s the size of some of his teammates, crazy!), and I reeeeeally need the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 lens now so I can get some awesome action shots. Call me the crazy camera mom! Steve and Kourtney (Holderness soccer, Class of 2007) are loving the way Mitchell is looking in that t-shirt! Savoring these moments because I know it’ll be here in the blink of an eye.

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