Team Boy vs. Team Girl

We finally got ourselves put together (all of us!) for a few maternity pictures! Only three weeks until this due date (and two weeks until Mitchell and Julia showed up), leaving not much time before this tie breaker baby makes its appearance and we find out who wins – Team Boy or Team Girl?! We’ve been rooting against each other this pregnancy – Mommy for a girl and Daddy for a boy. Not that either of us really care, so long as the baby is healthy (and has more red hair!). But the debate will be settled before long, and it’s a fun little guessing game since this baby will tip the gender scale in our family… Mommy/Julia/Zoe verse Daddy/Mitchell/Loki. And no, we won’t be getting another dog to even the numbers out, ha!
Julia and I had some girly little birthday/maternity pictures taken a few months back (HERE), but I wanted to capture some fun pictures showing our family of four (well, six with the pups) for the last time, before we add another baby to the mix! This was also our very first picture with ALL of us in it… and given how much effort it took to get everyone to look and (almost) have their eyes open, I have no clue how we’ll get another one of these with all seven of us!

Some people are speculating it’s a girl, since this pregnancy has been remarkably similar to Julia’s. I think that it could just be that I’m no longer 24 years old, thus I’m wimpier and more prone to morning sickness, ha! We’ll see!


Meanwhile, the hubby is speculating boy, because he *thinks* he saw something between the legs on the 20 week ultrasound. I told him he doesn’t know how to read those things, but then again, he hasn’t been wrong before! 
When you ask the kids whether they want a brother or a sister, Mitchell has been pretty darn consistent that he wants a baby sister. Julia doesn’t know what in the world she wants and is convinced the baby is in her tummy, not mine. I don’t know what has Mitchell so sure that he wants another sister, other than he loves Julia to pieces and can only imagine having another “sissy” around.


So, we’re in the home stretch. Our world is about to get turned upside down by this little blessing and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Repeat after me, Julia… m.i.d.d.l.e. c.h.i.l.d. Ha! Three weeks until this baby is due and exactly two weeks until Mitchell&Julia decided to make their appearance! Gender speculation aside – I’m over here trying to guess whether this baby will want to show up at 39 weeks like brother&sister or hang on until my due date (please, no!!!)! Baby will show up on its own time, and we can finally start calling “it” by name! “It” seems a little impersonal, don’t you think? 😉



Of course, pictures never go exactly as planned. Here’s a behind the scenes picture for ya. Mitchell ended up with a busted lip from a baseball and Julia almost ate two entire bags of popcorn and flat refused to give up her popcorn bowl for the entire time on the field. Who cares about batting when you have concession food? I feel ya, Julia!

A huge thank you to my friend, Danika, who is visiting from Michigan with her own two little ones and snapped these pictures for us! I love her willingness to just grab my camera and click away. She took our deployment pictures (HERE) for us before Steve deployed to Spain/Africa for ten months in 2015, and while it was a rough day for all involved, they’re pictures I’ll treasure forever. I actually found myself looking through them the other day and reminiscing when I was skimming through old photos trying to remember what it feels like to not have this big ol’ belly, ha! Almost there, Kourtney. 

So there you have it. The last pictures of the bump before baby is here! Our votes have been cast and your guess is as good as mine. Probably better, because unlike my husband, I have guessed wrong every single time. This week is back to work, soccer practices, bible studies, and a quick doctor’s appointment today where I have exactly nothing to report besides the baby feeling perfectly content playing its own baseball (or softball?!) game inside my stomach. We’re officially full term, so this baby is welcome to make its appearance any time!

One thought on “Team Boy vs. Team Girl

  1. These are so good!! Absolutely adore the baseball theme.
    I'm rooting for team girl. 😉
    P.S. THREE WEEKS?! What is your due date again? Marcus' is March 23rd, and I'm wondering if your close to that date?


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