Pregnancy Weeks 29-36

I took a week away from the blog last week (life got busy!), so I’m playing a little catch up this week. Here we are. 37 weeks. With a recap of the last seven weeks because I’m on top of the weekly bumpdates like that. We’ve done a lot of preparing in the last few months, but something about this little one is making everything feel so surreal! Is it because it’s the third child and we’re already focused on Mitchell & Julia that this one still cooking isn’t consuming our every thought? Our busy season of life we’re in now? Because we haven’t completely settled on a name? The fact that this is our third pregnancy in three years? Don’t get me wrong, we’re SO excited to meet this baby. But, I’m over the pregnancy. Let’s get this show on the road! 
The practical part of me is hugely comforted by the fact that we’ve made it to 37 weeks, and full term babies are generally healthy babies, which is many prayers answered in itself. We’re almost there, baby! The other practical part of me knows that if I went into labor, right this very second, the carseat and nursery and bags are all ready, so it’d take about five minutes at the house to get everything rounded up and on the way to the hospital! Boxes are all checked on the to do list! I think the biggest reason this delivery seems so surreal is because I have no idea what to expect! Besides the actual birthing part, of course. Been there, done that twice. Will I be working or at home? Where will the kids go? They’ve got plenty of options but it’ll certainly be a play-it-by-ear situation. Will Steve be home or training? If he’s at training, will I be able to get ahold of him? (No phones while he’s there). And since he’s at least 30-45 minutes away, will he make it? Mitchell took his time, but Julia surely didn’t, so we’ll see what this baby wants to do! Regardless of the outcome, I know that God already has the perfect birth plan for this little baby in the palm of his hand ready to reveal it to us on His time. So going with His flow is the plan. After all, this baby is going to show up one way or another, right? 😉

As far as pregnancy symptoms, there aren’t a lot. My stomach has reached the point of hugeness and I’m ready for it to stop getting bigger and start getting smaller. My fingers are crossed for an easy-peasy recovery like the first two. No contractions, what-so-ever. I didn’t have any with Mitchell until about three hours after my water broke, but with Julia, I had them starting two weeks before! That’s this week! So who knows what this baby will do! My biggest complaint is sleep. Or the lack thereof. I seem to only be comfortable sleeping on my right side (back or left side, I just can’t breathe and it feels like my lungs are compressed), but I can only stand to be on my right side for so long too. And rolling over. I have to sit all the way up to roll myself over, which feels completely obnoxious and I’m sure is so annoying to the hubby. But he’s been too sweet to say anything if it does, rubbing my feet more than I knows he wants to, helping with whatever I ask, dealing with my crazy nesting phase, and not complaining a bit in the process. Let’s talk about nesting. In case you hadn’t caught them yet, I posted about Julia’s room (HERE) and the nursery (HERE) recently. One room at a time, I’m “finishing” up decorating. We’re a full three months in this house and I’ve admittedly taken on a lot of projects, all while pregnant. The new house and nesting combination is a dangerous one, I tell ya. Besides a hallway gallery project and a few farmhouse signs I’d been itching to try my hand at, my nesting list has drastically shrunk and I think I’m about to get on a walking kick with all this warm weather to get this arrival moving along!

Another big reason I am ready to get this pregnancy moving along is work. My assignments at work have dwindled down, and I have the least amount of work I’ve had since I started in my position nearly two years ago! And while it certainly feels good to be caught up (and know I’m not going to stick someone else with all of my work when I leave for a few months), I’m really terrible at doing nothing. Just ask my husband. We took some family pictures this weekend – the last time as a family of four. We brought the dogs along and had some fun speculating the gender, so if you missed that post, feel free to scroll back a day and check it out. Mitchell had a lot of fun playing baseball, and there was no taking that bowl of popcorn from Julia!

As far as the medical side of things, I had my 37 week doctor’s appointment yesterday. All things are looking good! Baby’s heartbeat is holding strong from 130-140 (totally normal) and the head is down and ready to go! We’ve made it to the weekly appointment stage of the pregnancy. I have three appointments on the calendar, but my fingers are crossed that we don’t make all of them! So there you have it. Maybe I’ll be back to update the last few weeks of this pregnancy, but probably not. I’m too darn excited to have this little baby to hold in my arms that I’m sure I’ll be jumping right into the arrival and all the excitement that comes along with it!

 And just for fun, the text message I got from my dad last night after he didn’t pick up my phone call. Which he then followed up with another rushed call saying he was busy but the last time he ignored my call I actually was having a baby. (Julia – he was at the hospital with my grandpa and she did show up a little early… we about had her without my parents knowing I was in labor!). It had me laughing. I promised him he’d have more than one missed call if that happens. But to keep his phone on! 😉

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