Julia’s Glasses

A little late, but I’m here today to talk about a recent and big change for our little Julia – glasses! About six weeks ago, she joined her big brother in the ranks of glasses wearers. I wrote briefly about finding out that she needed them pretty badly HERE, and the irrational guilt I felt not recognizing it sooner. I just hate the idea of knowing she was getting headaches, constantly straining her eyes only to see blurry pictures, and didn’t even know any difference! And then they had to send her glasses out to have them made due to the strength of her prescription (Mitchell’s they did in-house!), so I had another week of knowing she needed them and feeling terrible that she didn’t have them! Again, I know. Totally irrational. Trust me, I am really happy that we opted to take Mitchell as early as recommended (age three), and Julia even a year earlier than that (age two), simply because of family history. Boy, did she surprise us with the results too, poor thing! 

Parents of glasses wearers, I highly recommend this strap! We’ve used it for Mitchell since he first got his glasses, and it works like a charm. It is made of a rubber material, so it slides onto the ends and doesn’t come off easily. Unless your little sister yanks them, of course. Mitchell easily puts his glasses on with the strap, and it keeps them secure on his face. It also prevents him from taking them off easily. He is really great about keeping them on all day with this strap, and we only really have to remind him to wear them when he wants to lay down on the couch at the end of the day and watch a movie. (He’s far-sighted, so his distance is okay. Same with Julia). This strap is VERY affordable on Amazon (a few bucks each). They come in a whole bunch of colors, so they really look like they match the glasses too! We do find with the wear and tear of all-day-every-day use by a three year old, they wear out after about two months. For two months of use, though, we are more than happy to keep Amazon-priming replacements for how helpful they’ve been! After perusing the options in the glasses store and at supermarkets, I haven’t found anything I like any better. So, of course, I ordered a pack with blue and pink for Julia, so we’d be ready when her glasses arrived. 

Once I got the pick-up text from our local eyeglasses store, I picked up her adorable pink and blue glasses with fingers crossed that the transition would be as easy for two-year-old Julia as it was for three-year-old Mitchell. When I told the eye doctor how surprised I was that Mitchell started wearing them so easily, she said she was not surprised at all. Of course he wants to wear them, because he can actually see! All I could think was, “duh, Kourtney, why didn’t you think of that?” With Julia’s prescription double his, I was hoping this would mean she’d want to wear them even more! And that’s exactly what happened!

The first time we put the glasses on her, she got the goofiest grin, and looked around in awe. I got it on video too! That night we took a trip to the commissary, and it went better than expected! She looked around and repeated, “I see erry-ting!” over and over. Oh goodness, I was so happy for that girl. Since the strap we are using is still a little big for her head, it took a day for us to work out the kinks and put the extra ear piece around her ears. Now that we have that taken care of, they fit her face perfectly and don’t slide down in the least! She doesn’t have to spend any extra attention keeping them on her face, so she really doesn’t notice they’re there now! 

It took one day to get the routine now, and Julia actually asks to wear her glasses as soon as we get dressed in the mornings and when she wakes up from naps! They are shockingly strong when you take a peek through the lenses, so the fact that she wants to look through those things all day long reassures me that the eye doctor is pretty darn good at her job. 

It’s crazy how quickly her little face looks so bare without glasses already!

Well, y’all, we officially have matching children. The eighteen month age gap isn’t enough to quell the twin questions now. The red hair and glasses combo apparently screams twin, ha! I’ve gotten more questions about that in public in the last few weeks than in their whole life! All I can say is that I would love to be a twin mom someday, but no twins here!


We’ve only broken three pairs so far (ha!), so we’re thankful for unlimited warranties and some great customer service at our local glasses store. Which just so happens to be right between Hobby Lobby and Target and Babies R Us… so also very convenient, ha! Also, a little off topic, but we’re trying a new curl cream for Julia’s hair today and I’m already loving what it’s doing to those curls! We’re kicking off our Friday the right way! No work for this momma and prepping for the weekend. And since the hubby did all the gas/grocery/day care pick up last night, I woke up with no errands to run! Thank goodness for awesome husbands – especially since he didn’t start the day off lazy like us, but with a really long ruck run with a really really heavy pack! Happy Friday, friends!

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