February Photo Dump

Here I am halfway through March finally getting a chance to go through our February pictures. For a short month, we sure seemed to fit in a lot. We only got one pre-church family picture, but since I fit in about two items of clothing these days, I didn’t feel the need to post weekly family shots showing that I wear the same things o.v.e.r. and o.v.e.r. #eightmonthspregnant 

I do try to get their Sunday pictures, though, because they’re pretty darn cute. 

Mitchell was swimming his Saturday afternoons away, right up until March when his soccer games happened to be scheduled on the same day at the same time. Darn it. But it’s a pretty short season and he’ll be back in the pool before we know it. Plus, Grandma Martin has plans to take him swimming while she’s here to visit baby! Boy loves him a good swim. 

Early February came with a few 80 degree days. I think the kids sensed spring too because all they wanted to snack on for a few weeks was strawberries!

Julia and I had a girls-only day, which we started off shopping for some dresses to add to her spring wardrobe! We started pulling out last year’s dresses with all the warm weather, but they were all so short! So our girls day started off at Old Navy and Target, before we met a new friend who became a quick friend for lunch at Panera! It was the best afternoon! 

We rounded out our afternoon with a trip down to the beach. We were checking on my parent’s little beach condo before some friends came to visit and stayed there! 

Friday nights are always pizza and a movie night over here. 

All this warm weather means we’ve been getting out for bike rides a lot! Mitchell is becoming quite the pro, which is perfect timing because he will no longer have a seat in the stroller during our walks pretty soon! 

Growth spurts meant a whole lot of money spent on new shoes last month. We had the hardest time finding sneakers that aren’t plastered with Disney characters and closed toed summer shoes for Julia (for daycare), but after raiding all the local shoe stores, I think we’re all set for summer now. 

The hubby took Mitchell out for an afternoon of flying kites and this was my view from our kitchen window. 

Julia is about 75% of the personality in this house. 

Practicing those hockey skills. 

We were festive for Valentine’s Day and Mitchell brought little treats for all his friends! They were corner store Lion Guard cards with fruit snacks and so far from Pinterest-worthy but I’m really pregnant and we’re really busy. And he was happy as could be. 

More Julia. I’m going to be sad when she grows out of those pajamas. 

Always wearing cowgirl boots and she loves her tutu. 

Mitchell went to a friend’s house that had a trampoline and he thought it was pretty great. 

Can’t get enough pre-church pictures. 

My living room looks like this every Thursday night for bible study and I love it. 

Daycare pick up. ❤

My co-workers filled my car up with all things baby. It was their version of a baby shower and I was completely surprised and humbled that they were so thoughtful to think something up. Especially knowing I’m the only girl in an office of about ten guys! 

End of pregnancy means as many naps and snuggles as possible. 

Daycare pick up isn’t always smooth and efficient. Sometimes I end up with a boycotter on the sidewalk.

More Sunday pictures. 

More naps. 

And that about rounds up February. We spent a lot of time at soccer, church, work, and prepping for baby in our last month as a family of four. So there’s this month’s pictures that fell through the blog cracks! I’ll be back at the end of the month with March’s pictures. 🙂 Complete with a fresh little newborn!

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