Packing the Hospital Bag

It’s hard to believe this will be our third baby we welcome into the world at this little hospital here at Camp Lejeune, especially since the military has moved us twice there in the mix (between Mitchell and Julia). But here we are, ready for Baby Number Three, and this hospital is really building up the special memories for our family. With the exception of Mitchell’s chronic ear infections and subsequent tubes, it’s been healthy deliveries and sonograms and well-baby check-ups! Praise God! This time around, I packed a bag for baby and a bag for momma. I have never really needed anything from the bags until after we got to the recovery room, but boy was I glad to have some comforts from home once we got there. For the most part, I’ve done the hospital stay on my own too, since Steve was in Afghanistan for the first round and left to pick up Mitchell and meet the movers on the second round. Given those circus circumstances, I would be willing to bet this will be the most relaxed delivery yet! (Minus the fact that the hubby is in some of his most intense military training yet and I’ll be juggling arrangements for Mitchell and Julia, but that’s par for the military course at this point, ha!)… I know I love reading what other moms are packing for delivery day, as if it’s some uncharted territory that takes months and months of prep-work and thought. So if you’re like me, keep on reading to see what’s packed in the bags for our third go-round!

Items for Baby…

That gray diaper bag up there was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law two years ago. Since my birthday happened to fall about ten days before Julia’s arrival, it was the perfect timing and the perfect gift! I think she saw me eyeing it in the Pottery Barn Kids store during our vacation to California, and I thought it was so thoughtful that she would remember it, certainly having no idea how much I really loved it! It has Julia’s monogram on the side of it, but I have every intention of using it with this baby and I’m sure no one will even notice it. Right now it’s filled up with all things newborn, so certainly nothing that would interest our big girl these days! First thing’s first. Outfits. A couple of long onesies with the fold over sleeves, a few hats, a regular onesie, and a sleeper! Both kids fit just fine in newborn sizes when they arrived (they were too big on Mitchell, even!), so I packed all newborn sizes accordingly! 

Tried and true, Pampers Swaddlers. A small stash, just in case. In every experience I’ve had I come home with diapers, but I’d feel a little bit silly showing up to deliver a baby without diapers. This is the brand/style that worked like a charm with both Mitchell and Julia, so as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I also threw in a few pacifier options, too!

A few bottles, in the event that we need them at the hospital! After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to go with the Tommee Tippee brand this time. We know for a fact that I’ll be returning to work after twelve weeks, so I definitely want to get baby used to bottles sooner rather than later to ease the transition period down the road! 

I packed two velcro swaddle blankets, two regular swaddling blankets, Muslin swaddle blankets, and a Covered Goods all-around multi-purpose blanket! There is no such thing as too many extra blankets when it comes to babies in my book. Especially since it’s my first go to for all spit up situations, I lay them down to change the baby, so inevitably they are constantly rotating through the washing machine!

And a cozy blanket! Our sweet friends Amelia and Addison brought us the softest blanket as a gift on our last walk together. It was such a sweet surprise and was perfectly gender neutral and matches our nursery perfectly!

Last, but not least, some of Julia’s little bows! Just in case this littlest sibling is a sister!

Next up… Momma’s Bag

There’s nothing like a few comforts from home after you push a tiny human out of you. I learned the first two times that when everything is uncomfortable, a shower or toothbrush or chapstick can go a long way. I found myself starving after Julia and Mitchell’s deliveries, and while the hospital food really wasn’t bad, I wanted something to eat and I wanted it right then. So I devoured half of a box of granola bars. Laugh if you want, but snacks are always at the top of my recommendation list for friends asking what to pack! For comfort, I added mints, chapstick, dry shampoo, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, hairbrush, and shower shoes. And on the token of feeling clean and knowing I’ll want to look somewhat presentable for a few pictures, hair dryer/straightener, some basic make-up, and a towel. There is nothing like a fresh towel that smells like home. 

Then comes clothes. Two pairs of (black!) yoga pants, a few comfortable tank tops, a plain t-shirt, sweatshirt (that I’ll finally fit back into – hallelujah!), and a cardigan. And while the yoga pants and flip flops may break all of the military base dress code rules posted at the front of the hospital, I think they relax those rules for new mommas! 

You may remember back here when I was in my friend Rachel’s wedding last summer. She gifted all of the brides these adorable robes! They were super cute in the bridal suite, and when she found out I was preggo, she sent me a picture of the Bachelorette Ali wearing the same exact robe in the delivery room. And it looked ah-mazing in her pictures! For the last two go-rounds, I was in old t-shirts. But this time, this robe made it in the bag and it’ll be nice to have something so comfy and cute in the recovery room! Oh, and Rachel is coming to visit as soon as baby is here to snuggle up our littlest and take care of the oldest and all-around help us! I am so blessed to have her as a friend!

I’ve also got the kids Thanksgiving shirts we used to tell all of the grandma and grandpas about the new baby packed and ready! Who knows what the kid will be wearing when they come to meet their littlest sibling, so I have these packed up for pictures so I know we’ll have them! We have the most talented screen-printer in our neighborhood – you might have seen the “Team Boy/Team Girl” shirts she did for us a few weeks back! 

Last, but certainly not least, all of the camera stuff. I’m excited our hospital has added wifi since our first delivery there, so we can share nice pictures of baby and Facetime out of town family and friends spread across the country! On my list I have my Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens, tripod, Canon shutter release remote, SD card adaptor for iPhone, MacBook Air/charger, Adobe Lightroom installed on the computer for photo editing, and iPhone charger of course! Call me a camera nerd, but this is certainly a season I just can’t leave unphotographed!

Anything I’m missing? My friend Chelsea at Anchors Aweigh recently wrote a post with her list, reminding me that I’m SO not a minimalist when it comes to packing, ha! Her perfect baby boy arrived this month, and I highly recommend adding her blog to your reading list – especially you milsos! Of course we have the carseat in the car and I’m thinking about splurging on a stroller frame for the simple ease of pushing the carseat instead of carrying that and three kids worth of stuff into daycare everyday. Anything I completely forgot? We’re almost there! 

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