Laundry Room

I made it a little project of mine over the winter to make our laundry room into two things – primarily functional, but also welcoming. Our laundry room serves a lot of purposes. Laundry, naturally. Storage, as it not only stores laundry and cleaning supplies, but dog gear, keys, etc. Organization, as we have a small desk in here where our next two months worth of calendars are outlined so we can keep track of everything happening around here. Doggie duty – it’s where we have the dog food, where the dogs eat their breakfast and dinners and also dry off when they come inside muddy. Since it’s the room between our living space and our garage it’s also our mud room, and for guests who end up walking in through the garage, it can also be an entry way. So for only a little square footage, this room gets a whole lot of use. I feel bad for the poor little space just reading that, because it sure gets used and abused. 

In case you’re just tuning in, we live in military base housing. That’s a short way of saying that these are temporary living quarters (the military always moves you eventually!), so there is a limited amount of things we are allowed to do to our house. Painting is generally off the table. Luckily, the homes we live in have a nice neutral color, and while it may not be my first choice, you certainly won’t find me complaining because it’s easy to match and decorate. I’ve gotten progressively braver and more daring in the more base houses we have lived in, and one of the first projects I took on in this house was ditching the wire shelving and putting up cabinets. We had a nearly identical laundry room in our last home, and there is just no way to make wire shelves look good. Or functional. In true Kourtney fashion, the hubby left town for a Marine Corps trip, leaving me twiddling my thumbs and itching to get this project underway. So my pregnant self and Mitchell purchased, lugged home, and assembled these cabinets from Lowe’s. They were nothing fancy but 1,000 times better than wire shelving and I loved that the white brightened up the room a little. With no natural light, it can get a little dark in there. After Mitchell was off to bed, I hung the answer to my storage dilemma and was quite proud of myself! A few days later, I added a hanging rack, which has proved to be quite useful hanging clothes and rugs and non-dryables to dry. It’s great having the utility sink just below because anything wet can drip right into the sink. And let me tell you just how much I love walking by that tiny little soccer uniform we have hanging to dry every week now!

The hubby bought me my dream washer and dryer about four years ago. When we first started out married, we found a very basic and used set on a local selling site. For the price we paid, we couldn’t ask for more than about two years, and that’s when the drier bit the dust. That’s when we went out and splurged on these beauties from Lowe’s, and I love them as much as when we bought them! I fell in love with that gray as soon as I saw them in the store. They’ve made it through two military moves and they’re still going strong (I don’t know why I’m typing that because I’m probably going to jinx it!), and I hope they last forever!

One of my very favorite parts about this room is the canvases we have hanging. These were painted by my brother as housewarming gifts in our very first home six years ago. My brother (and his girlfriend, also!) are both very talented artists, and these are pieces we’ll have in our home forever. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they’re so very sentimental, because they are iconic views from the boarding school where we met, married, and dream of retiring at!

Moving over to the little built in desk. I love that little lamp because there is always light in here without having the overhead light on, and I always seem to be running in this room to grab a rag to wipe up spilled milk or toss a dirty blanket in the washer. #momlife

Right above the desk I have our little command center, aka two month out calendars. While our schedule is written down in a whole bunch of other places (at work, our phones, etc.), these are a good place for the hubby to see what our week looks like if I’m gone or for me to jot out the meals we’re eating for the week. This calendar was half-way finished when I took the picture – so you can imagine how necessary it is to keep on top of the schedule around here!

 And since we store the dog food and the dog bowls in this room (I’m always wiping down the floor and baseboards with Clorox wipes, I might add), it’s a perfect little set up for the kids’ first chore – helping with the night time dog feedings!
We have a storage closet hidden behind the laundry room door, which is a lifesaver, but needs a organization intervention at the moment. Right now it’s primary purpose is housing my mops and our spare dog kennel, and we’ll put the dogs in this kennel instead of the garage during the day when it gets too hot or cold. We used to have both kennels together and kennel them separately, but the dogs always prefer to share a kennel and snuggle up together anyway, so we generally double them up in the garage unless the weather is too crazy for them! A few thoughts on kenneling the dogs. Luckily I only work four days per week, and the majority of those days I can come home to let them run around the backyard at lunchtime – and/or Steve beats be home at a decent time. They really don’t mind at all but I feel bad leaving them there! I’d be open to letting them have free range in the house, but we just can’t fully trust Loki (though he’s getting a whole lot closer to that point), and we’ve had issues with Zoe having accidents until recently (we got her hormones in check with some estrogen and she’s been accident free for about three months!). With Zoe’s issues sorted out and Loki coming up on his fourth birthday, it would be nice to have free-range dogs in our future, but time will tell. Whenever we’re home, though, you can find Loki literally attached to me, and Zoe lounging on the couch or our bed, so I remind myself they’re plenty spoiled when they have a long day in the kennel. So enough about the dogs – here’s some before pictures from our first few weeks in the house so you can get an idea of what we started with. Yikes! Can you see why I wanted these cabinets up ASAP since we were walking past that mess 10+ times a day?!

And of course, the cutest little helper there ever was. 
This laundry room is not going to win any design awards, but it certainly is better than what we started with at move-in and is extremely functional for our family! I’ve had a few questions about doing renovations in base housing… We saved the wire shelf and those are super easy to reinstall at move-out. We are allowed to hang anything with nails/screws, so long as they are a not enormous holes. These cabinets only required a grand total of twelve screws into the studs, so they’ll be easy to take down with minimal holes! I will definitely say we learn a little more about what we want in our “forever home” every time the military moves us, and since our house at Eglin Air Force Base had the washer and dryer hookups in the garage, I appreciate this laundry space SO much more!

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