Introducing Aubrey Jean

We are overwhelmed with joy to announce the arrival of our littlest sibling, Aubrey Jean Martin. She made her appearance this morning at 10:05, measuring 19.5 inches and weighing 7 pounds, 10 ounces. Even with two military moves, she’s our third military baby delivered at Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital! Much more about our littlest blessing to come soon – but for now, Momma and baby are both happy and healthy! Our highlight of the day – meeting her big brother and sister!

Praise God on this very happy day!

One thought on “Introducing Aubrey Jean

  1. Kourtney! GAH! SO, SO, SO thrilled for your family!
    She is absolutely PERFECT!
    I also have to note how incredibly similar we think/our lives are when it comes to kids. Marcus was born at exactly 10:05am 3/23/2012. And, when we were tossing around girl names (for Julia) Aubrey was in contention.
    We send our most heart-filled congratulations to your family!


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