Rachel in Town

Before Aubrey even arrived, my childhood best friend (Rachel!) and I started scheming middle school style on how we could coordinate a good old fashioned slumber party like the seventh grade days. Rachel was in my wedding (six and a half years ago – crazy!), and I was in her wedding last summer in DC. Life has changed a lot over the past 15 years, but our friendship hasn’t. Rachel is now living in DC with her husband currently soaking up the cherry blossoms and all their glory (photography bucket list!), and fully embracing the carless city life. I feel like a trendy city mom when I go to visit her, pushing my double stroller around the National Mall! 

This past week, she rented a car and cruised down I-95 to meet us here at Camp Lejeune. It was hard to believe she hasn’t been here to see where we live before, but we’ve lucked out seeing each other in DC passing through, Phoenix, DC wedding festivities, and KC this year – so it feels like we’ve visited a bunch! After oogling at Aubrey in her carseat and the quick hassle of getting her a base pass, we dropped off her car at home and were out and about for the next two days… daycare pick up, car wash, park, errands, Aubrey’s second doctor appointment, and of course – Chic-Fil-A and a little shopping! Rachel spoiled our sweet little girl with some super cute sleepers! 

After wrapping up things around town, we decided to show Rachel the finer parts of North Carolina living… the beach! 

We even snuck down to my parent’s beach hideaway (it was empty until this coming week – so why not?!) and spent a “girls night” down there. Minus Julia… Plus Mitchell. And Steve for a pizza dinner because he misses Rachel so much! We wanted to relax and Julia isn’t quite into that these days. She had a one-on-one date with Grandma that night at the house so she was perfectly content there. This is the view that we woke up to after a long night of chatting and baby snuggling and relaxing. Mitchell was looking as hard as he could in the “ninoculars” for some dolphins! We ate Rachel’s special Georgetown Cupcake delivery for breakfast and leisurely made our way back to the house. 

It was only a few days, but we were so happy to have Rachel in North Carolina for a few days! We’re already itching to have her back again with her husband next time! And of course, we’re so happy she was able to meet Aubrey while she’s still so new! And being that she’s our third North Carolina baby, how fitting is it that she had her first trip to the beach at six days old?!

So there you have it – what we’ve been up to the past few days. Now it’s time to get this house ready for our next guest – my father-in-law is set to arrive in a few short hours to meet his third grand baby! And we’re crossing our fingers that Steve gets to come home a little early from work on this stormy Friday afternoon. I really think I’m mastering this stay-at-home mom thing for the time being… everyday is Friday! Woohoo!

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