Katy’s Bridal Portraits

I try my very best to keep my professional photography separate from our personal blog, but sometimes I just can’t help but share! A few weeks ago, our military friends were military married. If you’ve been around the Marine Corps long enough, you know that it’s nearly impossible to plan a wedding that is the real deal without any sort of hiccup. That’s why our wedding was planned in a matter of two months and was really small! It’s really common for couples to wait until after a deployment to have a wedding, and while we have known this sweet couple for nearly two years, Katy’s hubby finally returned home from a long deployment so they could have their big wedding! I could go on and on about how much we love them, but you should probably just check out her adorable milso blog here. She just shared them on her blog, so they’re fair fame now! 🙂 Katy is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. Mitchell and Julia adore her, as she was one of my few regular sitters and a huge reason I survived Steve’s last deployment with my sanity! Working and surviving deployments is not for the faint of heart, and if you’re a mom I highly recommend finding yourself a Katy before your husband leaves. Katy asked me one day about doing her bridal portraits, and I about jumped out of my chair I was so excited. Bridals and weddings aren’t exactly my expertise, but I was so excited for the opportunity to step outside my photography comfort zone! As soon as she mentioned it, I knew the perfect spot. I had come across this location not long before and had been saving it for something special. Katy’s bridal portraits were just that! So one (thankfully warm!) February evening, we loaded up and headed out to the country to this sweet old schoolhouse. You have to drive through one of the small towns around here, and their tiny little police department was doing the most random vehicle checkpoint on our way out there. I’m sure the officer thought we were crazy when he saw my giant pregnant self in yoga pants and Katy all fancied up for a wedding come through his lane, ha! The best part is that Katy is from Texas and loves cows, and this location happened to have a cow in practically every picture! So this post has absolutely nothing to do with our family, but they’re a pretty great Marine Corps family we’ve been so lucky to connect with, and I just adore her and love how her bridals turned out! 

A quick side note about how the military is such a small world. A few months after PCS’ing from Eglin Air Force Base (Florida) back to Camp Lejeune (North Carolina), we started searching for babysitters as I returned to work. I posted something on my Facebook page to our local North Carolina friends asking if anyone had recommendations for a sitter, with some pretty stringent and probably unrealistic expectations. I got exactly zero suggestions from local friends, but someone I met while living in Florida reached out to me (Hi Catherine!). I photographed Catherine’s family on the beach while we were stationed there. I normally don’t keep up with photography clients after sessions on a personal basis, but Catherine’s family was darling and she was an Air Force wife that I’m sure I would have become friends with if we were there longer than nine months. We connected on social media, but I didn’t hear from her until my babysitter inquiry. Catherine was from Texas and had a family friend who recently moved to Camp Lejeune when she married her Marine. She wasn’t sure where exactly she lived, but Katy had babysat her boys before and she volunteered to put us in touch. After reaching out to Katy, I learned she lived in our neighborhood, just two streets over. An Air Force friend from Texas connected us with a hometown friend that could literally walk to our house. And she was perfect. When she moved back home to Texas during her hubby’s deployment, she connected us to her friend (also from Texas and married to a Marine without kids yet) who stepped right in and filled her shoes (Hi Melanie!). Oh, and I suppose I should mention that was at the same time our neighbor and other babysitter was moving (also from Texas and married to a Marine without kids yet). I am starting to think we should just add “20-23 and married to Texas high school sweetheart who is a Marine” to the list of qualifications, because we were 3/3! Katy is leaving us for California soon and we are sure going to miss their sweet family, but we are hopeful we’ll be stationed together again someday and are excited for all their adventures to come!

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