Little Bitty Aubrey Jean

Forgive me if this blog is plastered with baby pictures in the weeks to come, but I really can’t help myself. I love this baby girl more than I ever imagined loving anyone. And somehow her tinyness has me loving Mitchell and Julia even more thinking about when they were this little. My heart just keeps growing and growing and just when I think it’s full, they make me love them and our little family so much more. I want to remember  every little detail about them. I don’t want to forget Aubrey’s little sleepy grunts or her wispy red hair or her tiny little thigh rolls or pouty little lips. I think I’d be a momma to a newborn forever if I could – I’d only ask that Aubrey learns to sleep like her brother and sister did at this age. She’s ten days old now and I can’t believe that much time has slipped away from us already! It feels like she’s been here all along and I can’t imagine life without her here. I just can’t believe that we have a third precious baby to love on and to raise up. This little season of maternity leave, of all this time of just the two of us, is such a blessing. And it’s just getting started! 

Happy ten days old, Aubrey. I love being your mommy. 

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