Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Quick post tonight in an effort to catch this little blog up a little. So many things happening, but I currently have a fussy baby on my lap and two crazy kids standing in front of me, moo-ing with boxes on their head, so forgive me. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking! On Saturday morning, our neighborhood put on its annual Easter party. (See last year’s post here!) Mitchell and Julia were so excited to hunt for eggs – a significant improvement from last year’s collective one egg haul. They both understood the concept of collecting eggs – and we survived the hunt with smiling, excited faces! Only a brief meltdown when Julia got too close to the Easter bunny for my annual crying picture.

Here is last year’s, ha! Same bunny, same face.
Obligatory family picture. We were all there! It is really such a blessing to live in such a wonderful community where we can just walk down the block and participate in fun family activities like this. And next month, the pool opens!

Aubrey sat this one out on the sidelines, but Mitchell and Julia were ready to go with their Easter bags. Ten minutes seems really short until you’re standing on the perimeter of an egg hunt with a two and three year old telling them they can’t start yet. 

We love living in the same neighborhood as our friends too!

So there’s a quick recap of the first of our Easter festivities – we’ll be back with more updates soon!

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